The Letter C – Activities, Worksheets, Songs, Videos & More!

The Letter C - Worksheets, Activities, Songs, Crafts, & Ideas for Teaching a Beginning Reader

What could be more fun than the Letter C? Cats and carrots, cake and clowns. This page is filled with all kinds of fun ways to teach the Letter C to your student without getting bored. 

Make sure you are using all the senses when you teach! Especially for those kinesthetic and sensory learners, creating lots of different types of projects and activities for subjects that you teach will help your child really learn (and have way more fun while doing it!)

So - Here is a list of the best resources I could find on the internet to help you in your quest, plus a free Letter C worksheet to print out and use. Enjoy!

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Letter C Activities

Get your kiddo moving with action specifically for learning the Letter C. Let your imagination run wild, and get all the senses pumping. Further down in this article you'll find more "things to do" that start with letter C, but also, here are ways that you can use everyday items to teach "C".

Grab some "C"ardboard boxes and make a "C"ity for "C"onstruction workers! (Don't forget to teach that "C" make can the "kuh" sounds or a "sss" sound. This would be a good way to do that).


Hop into the kitchen to make goodies from "C"hocolate!

Do some activities with "C"locks! Call a local clock-maker and get a tour or mini-lesson on how clocks are made. Grab a clock toy to practice telling the time, or make a craft clock. There are even books all about the different kinds of clocks!

✅ Letter C Printable Worksheets (Plus grab your Letter B Printables FREE here!)

Sitting down to actually trace and learn to write out the letter C, upper case and lower case c is definitely something you need to add to your agenda. Luckily, there are a ton of letter C worksheets and printables online to help out.

Here are a few of my favorites to get you started, as well as a freebie from me!

Letter C Tracing Worksheets by

C is For..  by

ABC Worksheets - Letter C by A Wellspring of Worksheets

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Letter C Songs for Preschoolers

Try some oh-so-fun songs all about the Letter C! Here are some fun ones you can find online:

Pictures that start with the letter C and Books

Print out a few pics that have items starting with the Letter C when you focus on Letter C in your teaching. And of course, have a handful of books that you can read with things starting with "C"! 

Here are a few from Amazon you can grab, OR head to your local library.

Things to do that start with C

There are tons of great options for finding things to do that just happen to start with the Letter C.

Here are some fun Letter C things to try:

Go to a local farm and look at the "c"hickens and "c"ows. Read a few books with all things farming before you go.

Teach your child how to use scissors and then "c"ut out pictures of the letter C from a magazine:

More things you could do that start with the Letter C: Climb a hill, Catch a butterfly, make a Collage of C's, learn all about Cats, or go to a Candle making Craft Class!

Letter C Crafts for Preschoolers

It's no mistake that the word CRAFT starts with the Letter "C"! Great crafts are to be made to learn C. Here are a couple:

Make a 3D "C"aterpillar:

Or help your child make a sweet "C"lown with just a paper plate, crayons, and anything you want to glue on!

A couple more fun videos for the Letter C!

Enjoy these fun Letter C videos when you are stumped for ideas or need to start your alphabet lesson and grab your student's attention..

Enjoy these ideas for Letter C activites, crafts and more!

Please note: the free Letter C printable from me is in .pdf format so that you can print as you like or download for easy access. Just CLICK HERE to get it and I'll zip it over to you!









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