Teaching the Letter D with Songs, Crafts, Activities, & More!

Teaching the Letter D to Preschoolers & All Ages with Tons of Activity Ideas (Videos, Songs, Letter D Crafts & More)

There are a TON of ways to introduce and teach the Letter D to your child. As I was building this page, I realized that the Letter D has the potential to be one of the most fun and adventurous weeks for your "Letter of the Week" curriculum when you are teaching the alphabet. 

I mean, for starters - you can eat "d"oughnuts in class and maybe not feel so guilty about it right? (For that matter, maybe when I finally get to make a letter page for "S", I'll just have to head over to "S"tarbucks every morning. 🙂 )

Now that I've got you curious, here are some great ideas I have found for you to teach that wonderful letter "D", the fourth letter of the alphabet to your student. Enjoy, and please, if you have some ideas of your own, leave them in the comments!

(Oh, and also don't forget to download your free Letter D printable too.)

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Letter D Crafts

Just so many craft ideas to choose from when you are making your Letter D crafts! I have added a few below with video so that you can see how they are made. 

The first one is a cute paper plate dinosaur. It doesn't need too much in the way of supplies, so that's a win! 

Another thing you could do with paper plates - cut out the center of a plate and let the kids decorate their own "doughnut".

Letter D Duck Craft

This little video on YouTube is simple but cute! A duck whose body is in the shape of a "d". I like how they add a yellow feather on the duck, googly eyes, and pipe cleaner feet. You could get super fancy with this duck and get super creative!

D is for Dog Craft

KIDS LOVE DOGS! (Well most kids 🙂 ). And kids who don't like dogs - well, they might like a paper craft dog! Watch this cute video I found below for an idea of how to create a cute little doggie craft, and make sure to emphasize that dog starts with the letter "d"!

✅ Letter D Games

Get creative with playing Letter D games.

The first one that comes to mind is "Duck duck goose". You remember this one, right? Children sit in a circle and one goes around outside the circle. When they tap someone else on the head, the chase ensues to make it around without being caught!

You could also head out to the sandbox and go on a "DIG". Teach about archeaology. Hide a few fun plastic treasures in the sand and make a game out of it.

There's always a simple version of Dominoes, and

You might go back to an oldie but goodie, which is Pin the Tail on the "D"onkey!

You know your student's interests. Think of anything specific that your children have a love for, whether it be dinosaurs, dentist offices, or dogs, and make a play or a game out of it. Get the kids up and moving. 

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D Songs for Preschool

While you are creating, gaming, writing, and playing with the Letter D, you should "D"efinitely have some Letter D songs going. Here are a few goodies I found for you.

Letter D Worksheets pdf

Once you get the Letter D taught and in the minds of your students, you'll need some worksheets and printables that focus on the letter D for practice and writing. I have a printable letter D page that you are welcome to use for free! Here are some others as well:

Letter D Tracing Practice from Kindergarten Worksheets

Lowercase Do a Dot Letter D from That Bald Chick (Okay, I admit I hopped over onto this one just to see that bald chick. And... she is super cute! Plus I think this printable is way fun.)

And then there is mine! The Letter D Printable - Free for you!

Letter D Snack Ideas

EASY ONE!  (Or maybe I am just hungry right now.)


Dill Pickles


Dinosaur-shaped nuggets (or cookies, or anything)

Deep dish pizza.

See ya. I'm starving. I'll be back..

Books That Start with the Letter D

I know you thought I was kidding, but I actually left to go get pizza. That last mention of deep-dish pizza did me in. Yep, I'm eating it right. now.


Okay - Books that start with the Letter D! Here are some favs:

Letter D Art for Toddlers

If you have a toddler or preschooler, and you are ready to start introducing the alphabet, including uppercase and lowercase letters, be sure to make it very hands-on and fun.

You can use playdough to shape letters,

Shaving cream to draw the letter D with a finger,

Rocks, beads, or macaroni to shape out the letter D,

Or any other tactile item can be used to come up with an art project for learning letters with your toddler.

Toddlers especially love paint! Grab some fingerpaint to draw the letter D or make dinosaurs, dogs and daisies on a piece of construction paper.

Here is a fun "D"rum project you could do with your child:

Enjoy these ideas for teaching the letter D!

And don't forget to grab your free printable letter D worksheet from me.

Have a happy "D"ay!









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