Free Kindergarten Phonics Printables Plus Writing & Reading Freebies for All Ages!

Free Kindergarten phonics printables, sight word printables, ALL the reading printables for ALL AGES you might need!

Free Kindergarten phonics printables, Kindergarten phonics worksheets pdf printables, PLUS all kinds of reading freebies for ALL AGES (Sight word activities, comprehension, fluency, writing, etc.). Vowel worksheets for grade 1 and above (a e i o u worksheets for kindergarten, too!) 

This page on our site will be updated every time I can find a great freebie that will help any child or beginning reader learn to read! My goal is to make it a MASSIVE SOURCE of reading material to help parents and teachers teach with excellence. So please, check back regularly - and teachers, please submit any freebies that you have that would fit to Thank you!

You can teach your child to read! There are several factors that go into excellent reading instruction for beginning readers. They aren't difficult to learn, but you need to be aware of what they are. Your student will need to have a good grasp of each to succeed in reading.

Below are activities & games you can use which will contain the basic components of effective reading instruction. Some are products for pay, but MOST are free. FREE items are marked "free"!

Free Kindergarten phonics printables

*This post contains Affiliate links, some from Amazon. Some of the below links are also affiliate links for products from Playdough to Plato. I may get a teeny percent of the sale at no cost to you for clicks or purchases!  See full disclosure here.  FREE items are labeled as "free".

Free for all parents:

20 Ideas for Increasing Parental Involvement Poster

Free Summer Reading Log - Slow the Summer Slide

Free Reading Handout for Parents with Tips for Emerging Readers

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Sight Word Printables

(For more help on sight words, check out this article to learn what they are & why your child needs them.)

Comprehensive Top 100 Fry & Dolch Sight Words in Short Beginner Sentences

Trace and Write Dolch Sight Words and Nouns

fry sight words

Sight Word Mats: Fry Sight Words - All 1000 Words

Sight Word Egg Flips

Christmas Sight Word Game

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Phonics Printables

FREE! Printable Consonant Blend Phonics Flashcards

CVC Pumpkin Patch Activity

Short Vowel Emergent Readers

Farm Phonics Activities

Butterfly Lowercase Alphabet Activity

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ABC's / Alphabet Printables

Alphabet Dab Activity (Full Literacy Packet)

School Bus Alphabet Match

Snowball Alphabet (Winter Activity Pack)

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Comprehension Printables

Reading Comprehension Activities

Reading Cheat Sheets

Reading Cheat Sheets

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Fluency Activities

I Can Learn To Write My Name!

reading strategies pdf

100 Sight Words put into sentences for fluency

✅ Free Help for Fluency Skills & Poetry

Easter Concept of Word Poetry Freebie

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Writing Skills Activities

I Can Learn To Write My Name!

Turkey Writing Prompt

Christmas Syllables

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Reading Strategies for Upper Elementary - Help for Fluency, Comprehension, Grammar & Other Skills for All Ages

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✅ Free Bookmark Printables!