Free, Printable Letter B Worksheets with Crafts, Activities & More!

The Letter B Worksheets, Songs, Crafts, Activities & Ideas for Teaching the Alphabet to Your Beginning Reader

You've started down the path of the alphabet and step two is the Letter B! Using these activities for teaching the Letter B will be helpful for your child as he moves towards learning the entire alphabet. Multisensory activities are best when teaching anything new to kiddos, so you'll need a wide assortment of ways to present Letter B.

In other words, look for activities that include all the senses (touch, sound, sight, hearing). Have lots of fun with it! Take your child on a "Letter B Date" (Beef stew with beans for dinner followed by a fun Baseball game and some "B" letter books to read aloud after. Maybe even Brownies for dessert). 🙂

I've put together a list of the best resources I could find on the internet to help you in your quest, plus a free Letter B worksheet to print out and use. Enjoy!

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Letter B Crafts

Hands on is the order of the day! Find interactive ways and crafts to get your child to write out and get to know that Letter B.

Little ones like to use their fingers, hand, and bodies. So find ways to let them learn in ways that engage.

Some ideas:

Purchase Kinetic sand to form the Letter B and other letters. It's great because it's "squishable", and it never dries out. Use it in a bin, or maybe a cookie pan with a rim.  You could also use the old standby Playdoh. The kit shown below has letter stamps for learning the alphabet. Bonus!

Grab a Giant Puzzle to learn the Letter B and the alphabet..

You can turn bath time into a learning time too! Grab these super cute foam letters - and I love that huge caddy you can suction to the wall to keep things organized:

✅ Letter B Worksheets (Plus grab your Letter B Printables FREE here!)

There are a ton of resources for teaching letters that you can find online. While Letter B printables and worksheets should not be your ONLY method of teaching the alphabet, they are still very useful for practicing print and cursive letter B (upper case and lower case Letter B), and for coloring and reading letters too.

Here are a few of my favorites to get you started, as well as a freebie from me!

Letter B Worksheets by

Itsy Bitsy Letter B Book by Kidzone

Say and Trace Letter B Sheet by My Teaching Station

Letter B Sorting Activity by My Teaching Pal on TPT (via Pinterest)

Songs About the Letter B

There are all kinds of fun songs all about the Letter B! I found several for you online, and here are the ones I think are the best:

Letter B Books

Make sure you have alphabet books in your child's home library! Seeing the letter B in print and in the context of actual physical books is important for your child to connect the letters to reading in books.

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Letter B Templates

Grab Letter B Templates to have your child practice. Here are a few Letter B templates you could try:

Letter B Mask Template from First Palette (This one is a cute craft, too!)

Free Simple Letter B Template to Color from DLTK-Teach

Letter B Activities

Letter B is an easy word to teach because so many things start with the Letter B that you can make activities out of!

Here are some fun activities to try:

Use buttons to form the Letter B and shapes that begin with B. (Bear, butterfly, etc.)

Use dab markers to "dot out" a Letter B and other letters!

Letter B Crafts for Preschool

Crafts are always a HUGE hit whenever you teach anything new to kids. Here are some ideas

Make a "B"unny

Or create a "B"eautiful "B"utterfly.  🙂  You could make a similar one to hang in a window, too, to the light shine through the colors.

Make sure your craft supply is stocked so that your child can feel free to use the imagination to create things that start with the letter "B".

One more idea would be to have your child find all the letter "B's" she can in and all around your home, take pictures and print them out to make a collage.

You can make a huge project out of it and hang it as a beautiful work of art in your home!

Can I share a funny story with you here? When I was a preschooler (or maybe I was in Kindergarten), I had the assignment from school to cut out pictures of items starting with the Letter "B" from a magazine and paste them on a sheet of paper. 

So, I did this! And I cut out a picture of a plate of spaghetti. When my parents asked me why I chose that picture, I said, "Well, it starts with the letter "B"! It's BASKETTI!" Haha! Kids are funny. I still hear that story!

A few more Letter B Videos

Letter B Videos I found for you online - Sesame Street and Funtastic TV!

I hope these give you some great ideas for teaching the Letter B!

The free Letter B printable from me is in .pdf format so that you can print as you like or download for easy access. Just CLICK HERE to get it and I'll zip it over to you!









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