Hi! I'm Amy, the owner of MyThreeReaders.com,

(and the mother of 3 amazing readers.)

Do you have a beginning reader who is having trouble catching on to all the sight words they need to know? Check out my book, and also dig into our website to find lots of great activities and resources for learning sight words.

Do you have a reader who is struggling to catch on in general? I'd like to help there, too. You'll find here more helpful resources for learning phonics, for strategies to increase your child's comprehension, and to help their reading fluency

Or, maybe you just need to not be alone while your child is struggling and others seem to be zipping ahead. In all honesty, that is the feeling that drew me to create this blog in the first place.

You are not alone.

I have been there.

Your child will read.

And you will be so proud! 

Meanwhile, it's hard work and it may take time. But hang in there. You'll both succeed!

This website and the book I wrote was inspired by my parents and the unique way they taught my sister and me to read. When I had kids of my own, I realized the method my they used was really unavailable, even with all of the instructional options out there.

So.. I set out to write, illustrate, and publish the book How to Read: a Kick-Start for Beginners of Any Age, which rapidly teaches kids sight words by use of rhyme and repetition integrated quickly into sentences. How to Read is a GREAT way for kids who are having trouble learning their sight words to learn faster and with a better pattern.

My other goal is for this website and my book to help overcome the startling rates of illiteracy that are ridiculously high, even in today's modern world.  How to Read was created in mind also for adults who are learning.

I'd love for you to reach out to let me know if I can help in any way. I am not a reading specialist by any means, although I do have a degree in interdisciplinary education and am a former teacher. I feel that my main credentials are that I'm a Mom of three, two who struggled as early readers. (The oldest is now making A's and B's at a rigorous private classical high school (so proud!), and the youngest - well, let's just say we are seeing some daylight. I see progress.)  Mainly - I just want parents to know that the stress is real, and you aren't alone! 

Amy Brotherman - Author of How to Read: a Kick-Start to Reading for Beginners of Any Age