mythreereaders.com helps improve literacy in children.


This website was inspired by my parents and the unique way they taught my sister and me to read.  When I had kids of my own, I realized the method my they used was really unavailable, even with all of the instructional options out there.

So..  I set out to write, illustrate, and publish the book "How to Read: a Kick-Start for Beginners of Any Age", which rapidly teaches kids sight words by use of rhyme and repetition integrated quickly into sentences.  My goal is for this website and my book to help overcome the startling rates of illiteracy that are ridiculously high, even in today's modern world.  How to Read was created in mind also for adults who are learning.

Upon launching the blog, I also had a desire to write about Sensory Processing Disorder and the journey our family has had with that.  So, we'd love for you to browse through that blog as well so we may learn from each other.

Thanks so much for visiting!

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