15 Best Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages & Activities for Learning Phonics

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15 Best Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages & Activities for Learning Phonics

Trying to find some fun and creative ways to teach phonics this holiday season? For your beginning reader, I have found a great collection of Gingerbread Man coloring pages and activities that will help your child learn their foundational phonics blends and sounds.

Tip: Choose any Gingerbread Man themed coloring page you like and type in a different blend to the different sections, then assign each blend a color! This will help teach your student to learn color sight words as well as recognize blends!

If you have or know of a beginning reader who is just starting out on their journey of literacy and may need to focus on phonics activities, consider these holiday opportunities to teach phonics using the resources right at your fingertips - Christmas, winter and holiday cheer!

*This post contains Affiliate links, some from Amazon. I may get a teeny percent of the sale at no cost to you for clicks or purchases! See full disclosure here.

The 15 Activities below are creative works from amazing blogger mamas. The credit belongs to them! Good luck with your beginning reader as you find new and exciting ways to introduce reading and writing. I hope some of the fun ways to teach phonics below will work for you!

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