Beginning Reader Bootcamp -WEEK #2 (Practice, Practice)

    WEEK #2    

"Practice, practice"

Welcome to Week #2! How did last week go? I hope you filled out your reading-aloud plan and began to follow it! THAT STEP is most crucial to your child's success, so please be sure to get a handle on Week #1 BEFORE CONTINUING. Read to your kid(s) every day or at least MOST days of a week. It's just like a workout - you've got to get that consistency going, and THAT is one of the primary goals of this Bootcamp. 

Meanwhile, let's head into a new week! This week you will continue to read aloud TO your child, while adding in a bit of them reading to YOU.

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Your Steps For The Week:


1. Read aloud for at least 10 minutes a day to your child using your daily planner.

2. Visit the Facebook Group and be interactive!

3. Make a trip to the library.

New To Do's:

1. Print out the Reading Rewards Chart and decide on your child's weekly and monthly incentives for each month.

2. Have your child attempt reading TO you at or below his level (don't go overboard with correction - let him try!) for about 10 minutes a day (or more, depending on his age and level, but for the sake of making this more of a habit of practice than a chore), or for a short time that feels comfortable. Chart it on the reading rewards chart daily. For pre-readers, this may just be repeating letters, or using simple picture books to practice those reading muscles.

3. At least TWICE EVERY DAY, start making it a habit to point out things not in books for your child to read. (Younger kids - Street signs, well-known restaurant signs, labels. Older kids - magazine titles, instructions (Xbox, Netflix), menus). For pre-readers, just pointing out these things and reading it to them to show them the words all around them is great!

4. Complete the suggested reading below. (Think about making a great place for your child to read at home, in their room or in a special hideaway type area.)

Freebies of the week:



1. Reading Rewards Chart



2. Week #2's To-Do list for reference (print it out & tape it up somewhere!)

Suggested Reading/Listening:

1. How to Curate Your Best Children's Book Library

2. Children's Book Display and Reading Nook Ideas

3. 75 places to find free online stories

4.  Good Children's Books

4. 9 Podcasts for Teachers & Kids  (Disclaimer on this one - I've not checked out all of these, so I'm not endorsing them all - my main "suggestion" here is to listen to podcasts with your kiddos. These are good examples if you want to boost reading because several of them are "storytelling" podcasts, or focused around talking about good books. Win!!



Have FUN and have a great week!

Next week, we'll be honing in more about the stages of reading, and helping your child get started on basics and essentials.

Meanwhile, I hope to see you over in the Facebook group - and you are always welcome to reply to these e-mails.

I am rooting for you and your reader!


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