Become an Affiliate for the Beginning Readers Bootcamp!

Become a Beginning Readers Bootcamp Affiliate!

Earn 40% of each sale when others purchase the Bootcamp through your special link.

Refer other parents & teachers and get paid

Earn 40% Commission

Get paid monthly

Join with others as you go through the bootcamp

Get Kids & Parents Reading!


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Would you like to go through the Beginning Readers Bootcamp with other parents or teachers?

Or, are you simply passionate about getting kids reading with their parents? Then join my affiliate program (it’s free) and earn money by recommending the bootcamp to your friends and teachers.



Affiliate Chain
  1. Join our affiliate program here. (To join, you must first create a free account with SendOwl. After that you can use the link above to apply.)
  2. Log in and go to “Programs”.
  3. Find and click on the “Beginning Readers Bootcamp” Affiliate Program.
  4. Go to “Click to see affiliate links.”
  5. Use your unique affiliate link (you can find them under the “Links” column) to promote the products.
  6. Use the social media graphics from this webpage to promote the Bootcamp!
  7. When you sign up to be an affiliate, you will be entered into my Affiliate e-newsletter for updates. (Please note that by becoming an affiliate for the Beginning Readers Bootcamp, you agree to receive relevant updates, news and tips via email that will help you increase your affiliate commissions. You can unsubscribe at any time, but I urge you to stay subscribed to hear about promotions and affiliate news.)




  How much will I earn if I promote this? 

For every single sale you refer, you get a 40% commission.
Cookies are valid one month after someone clicks on one of your affiliate links, so you will still earn a commission if you recommended a product, someone clicks then they go to purchase it a few days or weeks later.

So, if you purchase the Bootcamp for yourself and then sell it to a just few more friends, you have already made your money back on the Bootcamp (plus a little extra!) The possibilities on earnings are endless.

  How do I track my sales? 

SendOwl keeps score of every sale made through your special link. You can track your sales and keep an eye on your earnings in your SendOwl Dashboard.

You will also get an email that will let you know when you make a sale (yay!!) and you will receive a monthly update of your earnings (you can change these settings in your SendOwl Dashboard).

  When and how do I get paid? 

You get paid on the 1st of every month for all the sales you referred in the past 30 days. (If you refer a sale on the 28th of January, you get paid on the 1st of February.)

There is no minimum threshold, so whatever you earn, you get paid the next month.
Payments are issued directly to your Paypal account. (Don’t forget to input your PayPal address into your SendOwl account in Settings once you register.)

  Do I have to purchase the Bootcamp to become an Affiliate? 

You probably need to have gone through or at least seen the Bootcamp in order to get others on board to do it with you :).  Sharing your own experience with the Bootcamp (what you learned from it, how it helped you) also increases your conversion rates.

But no, it’s not required to buy anything in order to be accepted into the program.
If you become an affiliate and want to purchase the Bootcamp after, you can use your own affiliate link and get 35% cashback. (I will pay out your commission in the next payment so it’s like you get a discount – but be sure to use a different email address than the one you used to sign up to the affiliate program.) I hope you choose to bring others on board if you want to do it this way, though!


How to Promote the Bootcamp

You can promote the Beginning Readers Bootcamp in any way you see fit. As long as you are using the unique link generated in your SendOwl dashboard, any sale will count and you get creative control.

Here are a few ideas on how and where to promote the products:

  • Write a review (what did you think of it, how it helped you and so on)
  • Add it to your own blog or website
  • Post your link on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, wherever!)
  • Use the graphics provided on this page (or create your own) to promote it on Pinterest or social media
  • Send out a notice to your email list
  • Recommend it to your friends and teachers

Ready to come on board? Join the affiliate program here.