What Books Should My Child Read and Have at Home? Part I (Child’s Home Library Series)

How to Curate & Cultivate Your Best Home Library & How to Know What Books Should My Child Read and Have at Home.

Congratulations, you're a home librarian! Are you a parent who wants to build or curate the best possible home library for your children?

When your child is first born, you'll start off with a few great and classic board books, but pretty soon and before you know it, your kiddo is growing and you need to consider what chapter books might be best to focus on. 

I've listed for you below some ideas of which classic childrens books by age to consider when making your book purchases. These are timeless stories that your family can love together!

This is Part One of a series I'll be doing for building your home library. Next week, I'll be publishing Part Two, which will focus more on the fun and beautiful ways you can build a small home library for your child, or even come up with a cute DIY reading corner.

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What books should my child read?

What classic childrens books by age should you start with?

Newborns & baby book ideas: 

choose bright and colorful books that are durable.  Remember that babies are being introduced to everything new in the world through sight, sound and feel, so choose textural, easy to hold and handle books with great rhyme & repetition in the text.

Here are a few books my kids have loved when they were very young:

Toddler and preschool books:

Durable, bright and colorful books will still rule the day with books you put in a little one's hands, but also, make sure to add books with deeper characters and a simple plotline for your preschooler to enjoy. 

Here are some classics you might like for your preschooler:

Elementary school books for the younger grades:

Oh my goodness, so many to choose from! Your child's eyes are just opening to the world of reading magic. Be sure to pick out some great ones to keep!

Go for funny, beautiful, rich characters with a twist in the plot. Make sure your child begins to have an emotional connection with good books.

Besides your book choices, be sure you are reading books masterfully to create that fun reading atmosphere in your home.

Upper elementary books:

The magic of a good book can be found during this time in a child' life in full force. Your child is old enough to have a strong opinion on what types of books he loves, and to dive deep into a good story.

Make sure you have available some great chapter books, but don't throw away those beautiful picture books just yet. Those are welcome friends to always come back to!

Here are some books during for the upper elementary years that my kids (and I) have always loved:

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Books for Teens:

Keep your kids reading for pleasure from their preteen, teenage and young adult years by providing excellent reading material for them at home!

Use the stories they love to engage with them in great conversation and to give them an outlet for escape and dreaming in a good book.

Here are a few great ones to start with:

More things to consider when asking yourself, "What books should my child read?"

Books that take you outside your normal worldview

Pick books that will widen your child's viewpoint.  Let her travel to places and times she wouldn't otherwise get to know or experience. You can choose these books for any age group!

Books that deal with a struggle or situation your child faces. 

Bullying, new glasses, sickness, losing a tooth, sibling rivalry, peer pressure or insecurities.  Books are a great way to walk with a child through the worst of life struggles such as dealing with racism, hate, sickness, war or death.

Books that celebrate life!  

Birthdays, holidays, moving to a new grade level or losing a tooth can all be celebrated with fellow characters of literature.

Sarah Gives Thanks, Curious George and the Birthday Surprise, The 4th of July StoryKindergarten, Here I Come!, The Story of Christmas or Berenstein Bears New Baby.

These are great classics and you cannot go wrong with any of them! Fill your home and your child's room or reading corner with books that will bring them joy, comfort, and learning.

Many of these can be listened to for daily read-alouds on your child's tablet with audiobooks, using Audible or books from the local library or other sources.

Do you have more great book suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

This is Part I of a series about how to grow our children's library at home. Check out Part 2 for building your child's home library or reading corner and making it look cozy and great!


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