Alphabet Worksheets A-Z – Plus Ideas and Activities for Teaching the ABC’s!

Alphabet Worksheets A-Z For Your Beginning Reader - Perfect for Young Learners of the ABC's!

Grab all 26 of these FREE alphabet worksheets a-z while you can! I want to keep them free for a while I can - and I would LOVE feedback if they work for you. 🙂

Each worksheet has been fashioned to practice each letter after you have taught it through tracing, coloring, finding the correct letter, and connecting it to picture. I recommend that you teach the letter in an active way, using all the sights and senses of your child through tactile learning activities, motor activities, and other sensory ways (songs, videos, etc).

And then, after you have taught the letter, you can grab these worksheets that you have printed out, and use them for practice. The link to the printables can be found in the form toward the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

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Alphabet Worksheets A-Z for Preschool Printables

Preschool worksheets

Always remember that using preschool worksheets is about reinforcing letters, sounds, and concepts that your child has already been taught. Be active and engaging when you actually teach the alphabet and all the letters and sounds, but then you can move on to worksheets for practice.

And be choosy when you decide which worksheets to go for. Even though you DO want your child to copy and trace the letter to learn it, if you can find worksheets that also engage other senses, you've found a winner.

One great type of printable preschool worksheet to look for would be in the form of games! These days, there are printable games for the alphabet that you can download from websites on the internet. 

Once you print out the game, you can laminate it for play over and over, and that is a great way to get the mind working in different ways to explore and practice the alphabet - through play!

Here's a fun little game from the website Playdough to Plato. And, you can find lots of other great alphabet games there as well.

✅ Alphabet handwriting worksheet a to z

You may need to have worksheets for your child to practice all the letters of the alphabet in one setting. I've found a few (I think mostly free, but you'll need to double check at each link). 

Free Uppercase and Lowercase Worksheet by supplyme

Handwriting Worksheets A to Z by

Capital Tracing Letters by lizasatthepalace


Have you tried Abcmouse with your beginning reader? I did an Abcmouse review you can check out here, or you can also try it out for 30 days free!

Alphabet tracing worksheets for 3 year olds

3 year olds are still really working on those fine motor skills. Get the hands-on type when you pick worksheets. Alphabet tracing worksheets for 3 year olds can be just the same as for other ages, but go the extra mile and keep the hands busy on things other than tracing as well.

Your child can cut out pictures that begin with the letter you are working on from a magazine, glue correct letters onto their match, or trace letters with shaving cream or sand.

Sure, you can use one of the tracing worksheets above, but it might be more fun to lay in the grass on a spring day and trace imaginary letters with your finger pointing up to the sky with your child. The bonus here is that you are outside and learning, too! (Being outside is GREAT for kids) 🙂

Printable alphabet book pdf

One incentive to getting your child to complete a weekly worksheet for each letter is to put them all together into a little book to take home and show off, plus continue to read and review.

You can do this easily by just stapling all the sheets together once they are complete, or you can even go a little more fancy with binding or just tie it together with some cute ribbon!

More Letter Pages to Check Out for Activities, Crafts, Worksheets, Printables and More Great Ideas..

Letter A

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Letter D

Letter E

Letter F

Letter G


Alphabet tracing book

Even though kids learn REALLY well through kinesthetic and sensory learning, at some point you gotta put pencil to paper.

Here are a couple of the highest rated alphabet tracing books that I found for you on Amazon. These are a great idea to add to your alphabet curriculum for extra practice.

Alphabet video for kids

A great (passive) way to teach kids the alphabet is through videos and songs. Here are a few alphabet videos for kids that can help your learner that I found on YouTube and with the help of Google. 

There were tons of them! If your child gets tired of these, you can find a lot more on your own. But meanwhile, you can check out these ABC videos:

And here's another one from Bounce Patrol - the ABC's in song!

Free printable alphabet worksheets a-z

Ready for your worksheets? If you've read this far and gotten a few ideas for teaching the alphabet first, your kiddo should be ready for some practice.

Have a wonderful time teaching the letters to your beginning reader. Instead of charging $$ for these, I ask that you leave me a comment below letting me know how they work for you, or just to say hi. Thank you!!









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  1. Thank you so much for providing such an amazing alphabet tracing site. It must be very helpful for kids and parents both.

  2. can I get the free printable alphabet worksheet where I can download all at once.

    I love the worksheet .
    Barbara Thompson

    1. Hi Barbara – I’m glad you like the worksheets! Yes, I just added a link to a single .pdf at the bottom with all the letters. Hope that helps! 🙂 Amy

  3. This printable looks really exciting. I love the information and pictures. Good resource for Kindergarten. My only concern, for the writing practice, all the letters are not on the lines. Since they need to copy the letters, I would make sure the example stays between the lines. Hope that helps.

    1. Thank you Laura for the feedback – I did go back several weeks ago and fine-tune all the letters to make sure everything is accurate. 🙂

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