Sight Word Board Games, Flash Cards, Activity Sheets & More!

Sight word board games, sight word activities and flashcards - Printable & easy!

Hey there! I've been having a BLAST creating fun printable sight word board games for all the little learners and beginning readers that I know. I want to share them with you! Plus, I'm giving away free sight word flashcards too - stick around to the end. 🙂

There are just a ton of ways you can get creative and active with your young student's learning of sight words, including games, board games, flashcards, printables & worksheets, sensory activities, or crafts.

I've created my own "bundle" of fun sight word activities that you can grab if you like, but I'm also listing a bunch of sight word games and more (my favorites) that might interest you for your child.

Included in the bundle are Winter Sight Word Printables and Fall Sight Word Printables. (More info below.) Enjoy!

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Sight word activity bundle from My Three Readers

Starting with my own product, in this bundle I've included 5 printable games, activity sheets for each of the first 100 Fry words, plus a set of flashcards. You can grab the whole sight word bundle here (for a "super" discounted price - only $5.99), OR you can buy some of the games that are priced for $2.50 individually (links below).

Here are each of the games you'll receive in the Bundle:

  1. Sight Words Station

A printable "board" game - you'll have to spell the sight words correctly to make it to the finish line. All aboard! To purchase individual game for $2.50, click link: Sight Words Board Game - Sight Words Station.

  1. Go Fish Sight Words

A set of "Go Fish" cards of assorted colors. You can play the game just as you would a regular "Go Fish" game, but you'll have to practice reading these sight words to win!

Go Fish Sight Words

  1. Hot Lava Sight Words

If you have never played a game of Hot Lava in your home on a rainy day, then you'll need to get in on the action for this one with your kiddo.  Use these printable shoeprint sight words to hop from word to word - but DON'T fall in the lava! To purchase individual game for $2.50, click link: Hot Lava Sight Words Game.

Hot Lava Sight Words

  1. Sight Word Memory Game

Great for little minds to work on retaining these sight words for better fluency in reading, use the classic "Memory" game by flipping pairs to remember those sight words! Duplicate cards for the first 100 Fry words are included.

Sight Word Memory Game

  1. Sight Word BINGO!

A fun twist on a well-loved game. Call out the sight words and see who gets the first BINGO! 

Sight Word Bingo

Sight Word Activity Sheets

Included also in the Sight Word Activity Bundle are printable activity worksheets for each of the 100 first Fry words. Print and learn words with no prep!  To purchase worksheets for $3.50, click link: Sight Words Activity Sheets

Sight Words Activity Sheets

Sight Word Flashcards

Great for review, these are super easy to print out and cut down the middle to create all the flashcards you need for the first 100.

There are so many things you can do with flashcards that aren't necessarily boring! And you can take them anywhere - Stick them in the car for rides, laminate them for bathtub play, or play card games with the flashcards with no limit for your imagination.

Seasonal Sight Word Printables INCLUDED!

Take advantage of the bundle, because Fall & Winter printables, games and activities are included. Yay! (I'll keep adding the seasons, too.) Here's what you'll find:

Winter Sight Word Printables

Includes 5 printable activites for sight words with "Hot Cocoa" games cards, color the sight word sheets, snowflake sight word spinners and more!

Fall Sight Word Printables

Includes 5 printable activites for sight words with fall sight word games, color the sight word sheets, sight word searches, and more!

Best Sight Word Board Games on Amazon

I just love Amazon for the ease of ordering and shipping for Prime members. Plus the prices are usually the best around. Here are some sight word board games that you can stick in your cart. 

These are a great idea for gifts, or just for having at home, and especially if you have a little one learning these words.

More Sight Word Games

Here is a fun website for ideas to teach those sight words.  The package deal below is editable and fun for learners, plus they are highly rated by the customers who buy them.

Editable Sight Word Games

Free Sight Word Games you can grab to print..

Check out these Freebies from Playdough to Plato! A few easy and great ideas for learning Sight Words:

Sight Word BINGO

I mentioned the printable Sight Word Bingo that comes with the Activity Bundle above, but also you can grab something more "official" if you like! 

The BINGO game pictured below has high ratings, plus Prime free shipping for the win:

Sight Word Pizza Game

This one miiiiight be my favorite Sight Word game. It is so cute and fun! The reviews on Amazon are (mostly) all high reviews. Not too expensive and a fun way to spend an afternoon:

Fun Sight Word Games Online for Free

You can also check out these fun sight word games that are online (and free! - at least at the time I'm publishing this article). Check them out:

Sight Word Online BINGO at ABCya- Try it here.

Multiple Sight Word online games can also be found at - You can find those here.

I hope these sight word board games, printables and activities help your beginning reader learn those high frequency words! Have a great time teaching your child to read, and let me know if you have any more to add in the comments.


PS - Don't forget to go grab that Sight Word Activity Bundle while the price is still low! You can grab that at this link.








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