21+Fabulously Fun Ways to Teach Sight Words this Fall

21+Fabulously Fun Ways to Teach Sight Words with Leaves, Apples & More in Fall!

Autumn is in the air! Crisp, cool breeze through the falling leaves and a crunch at your feet as you walk through the woods. Why not find some great ways to incorporate beautiful fall leaves, apples, and colorful trees as you search for fun ways to teach sight words to your student? 

If you have or know of a beginning reader who is just starting out on their journey of lifelong reading, consider these opportunities in fall to teach sight words using the resources right at your fingertips - beautiful autumn leaves of all colors and shapes, apples, and more.

I've listed some random sight word games and activities below, but then keep scrolling to see 9 more sight word activties with leaves you can use that I've found from other bloggers..

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Fall Fun Ways to Teach Sight Words

Sight word board games for fall

One of my favorite sight word board games has to be the Sight Words popcorn game (I'll show a pic below). And I know that's not exclusively fall, BUT popcorn goes for all seasons. 

But also, if you are on a budget and you don't necessarily want to purchase a new game, you can take a traditional board game (like Candyland or Chutes and Ladders), and make it into your very own sight word board game by taping words onto the cards and board areas!

Here is the popcorn game I love:

Aaaand here are a few more specific sight word board games that you can pick up. Not necessarily for fall, but you can make it be that way with apples and leaves, etc. if you want to!

Playdough to Plato sight word games

Playdough to Plato is a fun website for ideas to teach reading! She has some great printables you can grab for sight words. This package is a DEAL and everyone who grabs it LOVES it. They are editable - you can put in your sight word list and it's DONE for all these game to print and use! 

I'm also going to include a link below to the Word Work activity bundle from Playdough to Plato, because your kiddo will love it and this is a steal of a price, as well as the popular Endless Guided Reading Bundle:

Editable Sight Word Games
Editable Word Work Activities
Endless Guided Reading Bundle

Sight word tic tac toe

Another twist on an old classic, this is one fun way to teach sight words that you can do with no materials at all (except maybe the crayons and paper menu at the restaurant you're at). Super easy!

All you need to do is to switch out a sight word for the "X" and a different sight word for the "O". Then play on! 

If you do want an actual piece of paper with the tic-tac-toe board laid out, here is a free one to grab from Playdough to Plato:

Apple sight word game

Okay, one more from Playdough to Plato. I guess I just like her ideas! Here is a super-cute (and free - yay!) apple sight word game that you could play with to celebrate the fall season. Or any really season (apples, yum!)

Sight word scavenger hunt

I have used scavenger hunts with my kids for livening up many a boring afternoon! It's so easy and fun. Just label some leaves, rocks, and sticks, etc. around the yard or park with sticky notes. Grab a paper bag, make a list of the sight words you used on the bag, and have your child go collect!

I also do this for fun without sight words. When my kids were super little and could not read yet, I'd draw a picture of what they should collect in the bag.

Another idea would be to put a list of letters on the bag. Then your child has to find an object that starts with that letter. An easy way to learn letters!

The 9 Sight Word Activities below are the ones I dug up for you that are beautiful creations from awesome blogger mamas. The credit belongs to them! Good luck with your beginning reader as you find new and exciting ways to introduce reading and writing. I hope some of the fun ways to teach sight words below will work for you!

Fall Sight Word Sensory Bin

by Mom Explores the Smokies - grab it here!


Fall Leaf Word Tree 

by NurtureStore -get it here!

fun ways to teach sight words

Leaf Pile Sight Word Game

by Primary Inspiration - get it here!


Fall Words

by Kinder by Kim - get it here!


Sight Word Building with Leaves

 by In My World - get it here!


Fall Color by Sight Word

by Totschooling - get it here!


Fall Sight Word Coloring Page

by Coloring  - get it here!

Building Sight Words

by JDaniel4's Mom - get it here!


Fall Tree Sight Word Review Game

by Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas - get it here!

I hope these fun ways to teach sight words are helpful to you! Have a great time teaching your child to read with these activities and games. And let us know if you have any more to add in the comments!


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