Make Your Own Sight Word Flash Cards – Free & Printable!

Make Your Own Sight Words Flash Cards Perfect for Your Beginning Reader - Printable Freebie!

If you are the parent of a beginning or young reader, you may be on a quest to get your student to memorize and recite a new list of high frequency words, also known as sight words.

While your child should learn how to read through the building blocks of phonics, it is also helpful for him to have a good grasp of the most frequently spoken and written words to help with confidence and fluency in early reading.

I created this quick and easily printable .pdf containing flash cards of the first 100 Fry sight words. (Get here.) Feel free to grab them, print them out, and use them in creative ways. Below I'll also give you a list of several ways you can use these flashcards to teach the words.

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Ways to Use Flash Cards for Sight Words

There is nothing wrong with using flash cards just how you imagine it should work - Holding them up and putting them back as you go, reviewing the ones missed. But there are other ways to use flashcards that you may have not thought of!

  1. Sight Word Memory 

After printing out a double set and cutting out all the cards, ay all the cards face down and take turns flipping the cards over, two at a time, trying to make pairs. Each time a pair is flipped, that player get to keep those cards. Player with the highest number of pairs at the end wins!

  1. Draw Pictures 

Have your child draw her own picture of the word on the back of each card. Then you can have her flip the card to see (her own) drawing and to confirm if she was correct.

  1. Play Speed Flash Cards

When you use the flash cards, add in a timer. See if your child can beat his own speed to get so many correct! (Don't do this if it brings your child stress!)

  1. Flash Cards with Sidewalk Chalk

Write out the words on the sidewalk with chalk and then have your child run out and try to put the correct flashcard on the right spot. If that gets old, have your child be one to write out the words on the sidewalk and make you be the runner!

  1. Silly Breaks

Every 5 or so correct words, take "silly breaks" or "wiggle breaks" where you turn the music on and dance, get the wiggles out, or run laps around the house. Taking it to another kinesthetic level will really help those active learners!

Fry Sight Words Flash Cards

There are many, many, MANY free printables for learning online. And lots that are specific to sight words! If you are looking for sight words in particular, here is another site that has some great ones.

Kindergarten Sight Word Flashcards by - get here.

Dolch Flash Cards for Each Grade by - get here.

Songs About Sight Words

Here's a fun Sight Word video/song that you can use to help your child learn!

Make your own Sight Words Flashcards

For sure, you can take these printable sight word flashcards, print and use as much as you need, but there are also lots of options if you just want to get crafty and creative! 

For instance, you could use this Flash Card Maker "generator" to easily come up with your own cards, and then create them:

Or take a look at this video for a crafty fun "twist" on flash-card making:

Sight Words Flash Cards Apps

And.. here are a few flash card apps you could even download for those waiting times or car rides:

I hope these give you some great ideas for teaching the sight words!

The free sight word flashcards from me are in .pdf format so that you can print as you like or download for easy access. Just CLICK HERE to get it and I'll zip it over to you!









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