20+ Inspiring Printable Reading Certificates for Students

20+ Inspiring Printable Reading Certificates for Students & Teachers

20 different printable reading certificates are just what you need for your young, new readers! Each of these school reading certificates come in 4 different color choices, so that you can mix them up, and give something a little bit different to each child.

You can grab the whole packet HERE for just a few dollars! For $2.99, you can print them all out without having to wait for freebies each month.


Reading Certificates

The 20 Reading Certificates above come in .pdf format and are currently available on Etsy. I can also sell them via PayPal - just send me a request!

Here are the 20 categories included when you purchase the certificate:

Superstar Reader

Outstanding Reader

Bookworm Award

Reading Achievement Award

Dynamite Decoder

Gold Star Reader

Silver Star Reader

Great Reader Reward

Wonderful Reader Reward

Extraordinarily Expressive Reader Rewards

Remarkable Reader Reward

Marvelous Reader Reward

Astounding in Fluency Award

Incredible in Comprehension

Impressive with Phonics Blends

High Level Letter Expert

Grammar Go-Getter!

Very Good in Vowels

Super Sight Word Student

Really Remarkable Rhymer Award

Reading award ideas

If you are still looking for reading award ideas or reading achievement award ideas, you should definitely head over and take a look at these reading reward charts from My Three Readers, too!

You can get the whole year for only a few dollars, OR you can grab the freebie of the month that I post every single month. Enjoy!

Phonics Certificates to Print

Do you want to reward kids who grasp the phonics concepts they are learning? Some of the certificates in this bundle celebrate kids who are learning phonics, plus there are specific awards for sight words, expression, and comprehension. 

When you get specific with your praise for kids who are reading, they might do better and become better readers! Here are a few of those specific sight words/ phonics certificates you might want to print:

Printable Bookworm Award

I just want to call attention to one of the certificates in the printable reading certificate bundle: the printable bookworm award.

If you have a little bookworm in your classroom, then that needs to be celebrated! Let's encourage our young students to strive to read more books, and be proud to be a bookworm.

Have FUN handing out these easily printable reading certificates to celebrate your readers! 

And don't forget to celebrate the smallest of successes, especially in student who struggle. For a lot of kids, motivation is key - and they need a parent or a teacher to lead the way.

Let me know in the comments if these printable reading certificates work for you, or if you have other great ideas for celebrating our reading stars. 


P.S. Don't forget to grab the ALL the certificates here to download and keep forever! 🙂   








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