Reading Rewards and Incentives Charts – 12 monthly FREE Printables for Your Young Reader

Reading Rewards and Incentives Charts – 12 monthly FREE Printables for Your Young Reader

Reading Rewards and Incentives Charts perfect for your beginning readers and a great incentive for your struggling reader! An easy-to-tape-on-the-fridge printable to give your student or child a great visual on what he or she needs to do DAILY to earn incentives! (Yes, incentives are fine!)

If you are struggling to get your kiddo off video games to take a few minutes to read, OR you have a child who is just starting out in reading, these reading rewards charts are perfect for YOU!

You can grab the whole packet HERE for just a few dollars! For $2.99, you can print them all out and have them all ready.

Get your Reading Reward Charts HERE!!

This is the perfect reading rewards display for your refrigerator or for your bulletin board!

Kids are VISUAL! They really respond to incentives that they can see the progress of before their eyes. It's such a simple idea, but to print out this chart as a reading rewards display you give your child a chance to take learning into their own hands.

You can use a pen to checkmark days read, stickers, or stamps. Be creative!

At the end of every week, you can come up with a mini "prize" yourself (or use your kiddo's ideas!) You can come up with small toys, choice of meal, pencils, bookmarks, stickers, or whatever you like to create those goals.

You might even consider laminating your reward charts to hang on the fridge. You can check out this guide to laminators for teachers and home use here.

Do reading incentive programs work?

YES! They do. Nothing wrong with giving your student a little extra "boost" to choose a book over a device. That's why all these companies have chosen to invest in kids reading. All you need are a few cheap awards for students, or stickers / tickets to reading rewards when they complete books, depending on age and ability. SO, the answer to "Do reading incentive programs work?" The answer is for sure they do!

Combine local business programs with your home chart - McDonald's Reading Incentive Program, Subway Reading Reward Program, etc.

Just by Googling "reading incentive program", you will find all kinds of local programs that you can enroll your child in and reap the benefits for. Here are a few to check out:

I hope you enjoy these easy reading log printables (perfect for reading rewards and incentives!)



P.S. Don't forget to grab the whole set of monthly reading charts! 🙂   

Remember, they can be a game-changer for your beginning reader! Reading daily is the #1 indicator that your child will be successful.

Let us know what you think in the comment below or if you have other ideas to share!

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  1. I found your website a couple weeks ago and received the January reading chart. Any way I can get February emailed to me? Thank you!

    1. Hi Leah, I’m so glad you are using these! I just put up the February chart, so you can access it again from this page. I guess I’m a little behind on these – yikes! Let me know if it works for you.

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