Phonics Flashcards – Digital Sound Cards & FREE Matching Printable Cards

Phonics Flashcards - Digital & printable, perfect for your beginning vowel and consonant letter learners!

Does phonics instruction and phonics flashcards help kids to become better readers? The answer according to the experts is a resounding YES! It is worth your time to help your student learn and master phonics (with tools such as these digital phonics flashcards and free printable flashcards with pictures) as a cornerstone of their reading journey so they can learn to DECODE words they encounter in text.

If you have a beginning reader, or if you have a struggling reader, take the time to teach phonics (at any age of readiness). After and even while teaching your student to have a firm grasp of the alphabet (letters and sounds), you can begin to teach the rules of phonics.

Here below are phonics flashcards with pictures to print that include initial & final consonant blends, consonant digraphs, as well as card sets for all the different ways to spell vowel sounds.

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Phonics Flashcards

Digital Phonics Flashcards

(This first online phonics flashcards set is a freebie! You can grab it this link (and get a whole bunch of other phonics and reading freebies, too!) 

Short Vowel Sound Flashcards

Online phonics flashcards

Especially in today's learning environment, you are smart to be looking for ways to find phonics resources that are online. That's why I've had a blast putting together these online flashcards - to help kids learn to read, even when at home or in the car on a smart phone!

Just to give you an idea of how these digital flashcards work, let me walk you through the process. You can also try a preview of one of the sets of cards here. I use the Boom Learning platform to create these cards. You can create a free digital account to get started. 

On the first page, you'll have a table of contents with choices (For this example, long e sound words for ea or ee, ei or ie, y or ey for this set)


After you click on a selection, you'll automatically be taken to your first card. For instance, you choose the section for "y" or "ey", your child will be taken to a card like this one:


Your student can click on the "sound" icon to hear the work "monkey" spoken aloud. Then he can choose either "ey" or "y".

If he chooses "y", he'll hear a little "whoops!" sound, and the "y" will cross out with a little red mark (like this one).


If your child gets it correct by clicking on the "ey" choice, the "ey" will be circled in green, he'll hear a little "ding!" sound, and the page will automatically turn to the next flashcard.

All the sound sets I create will be similar to this one, for very low prices (less than $2!). When you purchase, you'll also receive a full set of matching printable double-sided flashcards that accompany these digital phonics flashcards.

Digraph flashcards

Digraphs are a combination of two letters representing one sound, like ph, sh, or oy. Common consonant digraphs include ch (church), ch (school), ng (king), ph (phone), sh (shoe), th (then), th (think), and wh (wheel).

I do have a FREE set of these consonant digraph flashcards using the same sign up as the above here. I keep all my freebies in one spot, so you'll be able to see what is available from me at all times!

Phonemic awareness flashcards

Phonemic awareness is SO important in early learning, but many times it isn't taught. Here's what you need to know. To have a strong awareness of phonemes and sounds of letters and words, your child will need to be able to HEAR and recognize them. 


So, to help develop this skill, look for picture cards! Maybe you have a picture of a sheep. Ask your child to tell you what it is after looking at it. She'll say, "It's a sheep!". You say, "Great! Now what is the first SOUND that you hear in 'sheep'?". 

You are hoping she'll say the /sh/ sound. And once she can isolate that /sh/ sound, you can teach her that it is spelled with an "s" and "h" together.

Other opportunities for phonemic awareness are isolating the middle or "medial" sound in a word, the "ending" sound in a word, or listening for sound patterns (rhyming, or syllable counting).

You can do this with phonemic awareness flashcards, or you can even just practice as you go through a picture book or short story. Talk about the sound of the words in the pictures you see.

Look for flashcards that have a picture on one side, so that your child can come up with the "sound" all on thier own, without having to worry about letters yet. I like this set that I found on Amazon:

Best alphabet flashcards

You can run to your local grocery or dollar store and probably easily find some quick alphabet flashcards to have handy for your beginning reader. And you can use these with games, memory, or just having around for your child to flip through for fun.

I also have alphabet flashcards that you can print at home! Grab these from TPT:

Or, you can grab these freebie initial sound cards from the freebie page you signed up for above!

Ways to use flashcards to practice phonics with your reader.

Kids are VISUAL. They really respond to repetition and daily practice with flashcards, going over and over the cards orally and eventually knowing them by memory for great reading.

You can bring these with you anywhere - stick them in your purse and bring them out while your sitting at the doctor's office or in line at the drive-through.

The best phonics flashcards have the letters and a picture for your child to "clue in" to the sound. These 25 cards include double consonant blends, plus four of the consonant digraphs like "sh" or "ch".

Do phonics flashcards with letters and sounds work?

YES! They do. It should NOT be your entire plan, but for many kids, it's a great idea to use flashcards to really get those letter, blends and sounds shored up in their minds for great reading and decoding. There are a ton of great programs out there and other flashcard types you can buy at the store.

But yes, they do work for many kids! Bonus points if you can get your child moving while you go over the flashcards. Go over the blends while you are on a walk or jumping on the trampoline and your kids will get it even more!

What are the best phonics flashcards to purchase?

If you want to purchase a pre-made set of phonics flashcards, here is one I'll recommend based on what you get for your purchase, and for the high reviews. And also, a really super-cute wooden educational game that works with your flashcards to check out!

Printable phonics flashcards

You can print matching phonics flashcards to go with your digital phonics activities, since they are the same concepts. You can never introduce learning concepts in too many multisensory ways!

These are an economical and easy at-home way to get started with phonemics, letters, phonics, words and more with your kiddos at home.


These digital flashcards were made with love to help your beginning reader have a great foundation in phonemic awareness, and the building blocks of reading.

Just click here for the ones that are free, and I'll e-mail you a link to plenty of a page full of free reading and phonics resources!


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