Letter L Lollipop Craft and Activities

Letter L Lollipop Craft and MORE Activities for Teaching Letter L!

Letter L is such a fun letter to teach! There are so many options to include in your letter instruction, including crafts, sensory activities, show and tell, songs, videos and even printables to reinforce.

Let's have fun with the 12th letter of the alphabet, Letter L!

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Letter L Lollipop Craft

Letter L Lollipop Craft

You can always hold the attention of your students with candy! And lollipops are the way to go with the Letter L.

There are a ton of cute lollipop crafts you can create with your letter-learner, with paper plates, popsicle sticks, or just paper and yarn.



Letter L Songs for Kindergarten

Songs and music are such a great way to teach your student the letters of the alphabet. You can find a song to match any of the letters, and letter L songs are no different! 

To get you started, check out this fun song for the incredible letter L.



Letter L PrintablesLetter  L Worksheets Free Printables

Even though worksheets are necessarily the best way to introduce the letters of the alphabet (think multisensory for best practices), they are great for review, and for letting kids practice and learn how to write.

Here's a letter L worksheet for free that you can download for practice (see form above or click here). When you sign up to receive these worksheets, you'll also have the whole alphabet available. Enjoy! 🙂Letter L Printable Image



Letter L Coloring Worksheet

In a pinch, stick some coloring pages in your bag so that you have something to do in those in-between waiting times. And if you can make the coloring pages educational, that's great! 

You can check out some great (and low-priced!) alphabet coloring books on Amazon HERE.

Letter L Video Preschool

Teach letters (and fill in some needed downtime, too) with Letter L Videos! I'll post a fun Letter L Video below for you to check out. And you can always google for so many more similar "L" videos that you will have plenty.

Letter L Crafts for Preschoolers and Up!

Crafting is a great multisensory way to introduce the letters. Here are a few ideas for Letter L crafts for Preschoolers and Kindergartners that you might consider:

  • Create a Ladybug by cutting a paper plate for the wings.
  • Create a DIY Lava Lamp - search Pinterest for lots of ways to do this!
  • Create a Lego project.
  • Make a Letter "L" picture out of Leaves.
  • Make Lime Jello.

Tracing Letter L Uppercase and Lowercase

When your child is ready to practice tracing the Letter I, you can use activities like shaving cream on a baking sheet, bath paints, or even pretend sky-writing the letter I. Beyond that (and when my child is ready), I will use sheets like this one to start practice. 

Here is a super-cute video from the Singing Walrus to start talking about the correct way to trace and write the Letter I.

Letter L Show and Tell Ideas

Here are a few ideas to give your kids for what they might bring to Show and Tell for Letter L week:

  • Lollipop
  • Letter from a friend
  • Lizard (hopefully in a terrarium)
  • Legos
  • Leaves that have been collected
  • Lamp
  • Llama books
  • Leopard, Lizard, or Lemur stuffed animals
  • Lock
  • Lightbulb
  • Lilies

Letter L Games for Preschoolers

Play "I Spy" when learning the letter L, or Twenty Questions to find an object that starts with Letter L. 

You can bring and play the game Lion in My Way, Letter L Sound Bingo, or The Lion King Game.

Letter L Activities for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

Fill your days with songs, videos, crafts and more that you can do with your student to learn the letters of the alphabet. But there are so many other activities you can do, too!

Making Lime Jello, or some other "L" craft would be my favorite. Or maybe lemonade!

Focus on recognizing the letter at the beginning of, and within words. Give your student the gift of strong phonemic awareness skills. You can also use digital sound flashcards like these free ones to practice learning sounds of letters.

Letter L Cursive Worksheet

If you are teaching cursive, be sure to put up a poster showing the letters of the alphabet in cursive font for visual aid as you instruct. Here are some from Amazon you can choose from.

Enjoy teaching the Letter L to your kids! There are lots of ways to bring in multisensory activities to teach this wonderful 12th letter of the alphabet. 

And don't forget to grab that Letter L Worksheet, free from me!









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