Beginning Reader Bootcamp -WEEK #1 (Read Alouds)

WEEK #1    


You know that you need to do something to make a difference with your child in reading, and that's why you signed up. We are SO glad you are here! Get ready to work out that reading muscle and put your best parenting skills into play.

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Week #1 - "Reading Aloud"

Welcome to Week #1! This week is all about reading TO our children. It's something we just HAVE TO DO. Read-alouds are so SO very good for kids. But in today's digital world, we sometimes just don't make it happen.

NOT ANYMORE! Read ahead to find out what you MUST DO to give your child that reading BOOST. OH - and this bootcamp is for YOU, dear parent or teacher! Your child is going to get to go along for the ride and get the benefit from your completion of reading bootcamp.

Now, let's do it!

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Your Steps For The Week:

To Do's:

1. Print out & fill out the parent's weekly read-aloud plan (below).

2. Start reading out loud to your child EVERY DAY for at least 10 minutes. 

3. Sign up for our private Facebook Page for more resources, encouragement & community! (Password - "All Kids Can Read")

4. Complete the suggested reading below.

This Week's Resources:

1. Parent's Read-Aloud Plan (This is for YOU, not your child.) Options below are for a Monthly Plan or a Weekly Plan. Pick what works best for you!

2. Your copy of "Sight Words Made Simple". 

3. Great Book Ideas for a Children's Home Library (link)

4. Great Reading Apps (I'll list discounts and coupons where I can find them!)

5. This week's To-Do list for reference (print it out & tape it up somewhere!)

Week #1 Suggested Reading/Listening:


Have FUN and have a great week!

I hope to see you over in the Facebook group - and you are always welcome to reply to these e-mails.

I am rooting for you and your reader!



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