10 Best Tablets for Kids | Best Tablets for Reading 2019 Ultimate Buying Guide

10 Best Tablets for Kids and the Best Tablets for Car Rides | Best Tablets for Reading 2023 Ultimate Buying Guide

Are you in the market for a new tablet for your child or to find the best reading tablet? There are so many points to consider when choosing. Below, I've compiled an article for you with all the best information I can find and the Top 10 best tablets for kids.

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Best Tablets for Kids Options

Other sites might tell you it’s the BEST tablet for kids, but is it REALLY? Before you end up buying a piece of junk, take a look at what our research has uncovered about the supposedly “best” tablets.

Which device or tablet for kids is best? Our readers have spoken!

    These are THEIR picks for the Top 10 Tablets for Kids

Now, we have our own picks, but we think what our readers say is MUCH more valuable to you.

Our readers picked these 10 tablets as the best options for a device kids can use for fun (and learning too!).

We think they made some great picks this year! For example, this tablet for kids is their #1 choice – and it’s a good one!

On this page, you can read THEIR reviews, compare prices AND see which of the Top 10 are on sale TODAY.

Ok, let’s jump in and review the best tablets for kids…

If you are curious (or in a hurry):

✅ This specific Tablet for Kids - the Amazon Fire tablet, is the most popular.
It’s an excellent tablet, yet you’ll also find that it is also one of the cheapest tablets for kids you’ll find online.

It’s available in several sizes & storage capacity and has a ton of 5-Star reviews. If you can get the Amazon Fire tablet for under $100, grab it. That’s one heck of a deal on a GOOD tablet for kids! (see color choices, check current price & read reviews here).

in the picture:
Amazon Fire HD 8
several other color & size options - get more info:

3 Best Tablets for Kids:

Amazon Fire HD 8
Samsung Galaxy Kid E Lite
Amazon Fire HD 10"

Compare Top 3 Tablets for Kids Here Button

The folks at Amazon also have their own list of Best Tablets for Kids below - many are on sale.

Amazon Fire Tablet & Top Tablets Button

✅Which Tablet For Kids is Best?

When it comes to the best Tablets for Kids with the best reviews, these are the 5 best devices for kid to choose from. All are great devices and very affordable. (Compare these 5 Tablets for Kids here.)

Tablets for Kids - Best Choices:

  1. Amazon Fire HD 8"  –
    info page
  2. 10 Inch, Android 11
    info page

  3. Amazon Fire HD 10" –
    info page

  4. 32GB Android 10
    info page
  5. Coolfan Kids Tablet 10 inch-

    info page

in the picture:
Amazon Fire HD 8
several other color & size options - get more info:

Which device or tablet for kids is best? Our readers have spoken!

    These are THEIR picks for the Top 10 Tablets for Kids


       Reviews for Kids Tablets - YouTube Video

I found this video on YouTube to be helpful for deciding which Tablet to buy for our kiddos. Feel free to watch and see if you can get some insight into what will be the best tablet for your family!


How to pick the best tablet for your child


❓What do Consumer Reports reviews say about what are the best tablets for kids? After their own in-depth testing and independent review process, Consumer Reports chose this Tablet as their winner and best all-around tablet in general (not specific for kids).

We’ll talk more about that below.

ANY of the 5 tablets for kids in the list below are great units that you should be very happy with.

✅ Compare ONLY the Top 5 Tablets for Kids on one page here.
Buying tip: Watch that page above for deals on the Amazon Fire 8 - if it's under $100, it's a GREAT deal.

✅The Best Tablet for Kids WINNER

  Which tablet for kids is BEST? If we had to only pick ONE kid's tablet, we agree with the results below:

✅ Amazon chooses this Kid's Tablet as their 'Amazon Choice' 2018 Winner. The price is GREAT, it's "Prime eligible", so shipping is free, and you'll get it FAST, it comes in several different colors, and it's an all-around great Tablet for kids to have!

Best Tablet for kids

In my opinion, and via all the reviews of that kid's tablet, based on price, user experiences & feedback, value, quality, size, data space, parent controls, apps & freebies, and over-all “coolness” – this is the best tablet for kids you can buy that fits all budgets and device needs for children.

In fact, Amazon readers ALSO pick this tablet for kids as the BEST kid's device too!

A quote from one review,

"All in all this is a great product, definitely bang for your buck. For $100 this is an amazing kids tablet. I love the free Amazon FreeTime that comes with the fire kids tablet, tons of educational games and shows." ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This Tablet is great for reading books on Audible, watching movies, and playing games. You can also take pictures and video to your heart's content. If you have a road trip coming up and are interested in a little downtime, this Tablet could be for you.

The included 1 year of FreeTime Unlimited gives your kids access to over 20,000 popular apps and games, videos, books, Audible books, and educational content from PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney, and more.

And with their two-year worry-free guaranteed warranty, you can return within two years for any reason. That is a great deal!

**See today's Best Tablets For Kids list**

Let's talk tablets! My focus for the purposes of the website is to make sure you grab the best tablet for not only gaming, fun & learning, but also for READING!
When searching for the right device or tablet for your children, it’s easy to get very overwhelmed with ALL the choices. That’s why we like to dig into all the wonderful questions we get from our readers and turn them into helpful articles – like this one. We really appreciate all your questions – thank you!

Of course, kids & families are all different with all kinds of needs for a tablet, but there are a few things you definitely need to keep in mind when purchasing a device for your kiddo. So, we pulled together the BEST INFORMATION for deciding on a tablet for your child. The Ultimate Resource Guide put together by a Mom just for you!

Best tablet for car rides

For watching movies in the car, (and especially for those looooong car rides), you are going to want to pick the VERY best tablet so that you don't have any problems or interruptions!  Some things to consider in a tablet for traveling:

Battery life: The best car tablet for kids is going to have the longest battery life. Even though you can plug in to your car charger, there are so many plugs in the car for everyone's device. Most tablet will give you somewhere around 10 hours fully charged. I did notice that the Lenovo Yoga Tab has a battery life of 18 hours.

Storage Space: The best car tablet for kids may be the one that can hold the most books, games and movies. You'll want to be able to have internet enabled on the tablet, or make sure you have a hot spot in the car. But it's also always a great idea to have some of your books and movies already downloaded for the dreaded "no service" areas, or maybe for the airplane ride. Most devices mentioned on this page are going to be somewhere between 16 to 64 GB (and most have a micro-SD slot), although the Apple iPad Pro has up to 512GB of space.

Best tablet to use abroad: Really any of the tablets listed are going to do fine as you travel abroad. The question for internet will of course be if you have wi-fi available where you travel. You may need to do a bit of research to find out if you'll need a special adapter of some kind for charging.

Best tablet for toddlers

Several factors go into what type is the best tablet for toddlers. At the top of your list should be durability, safety, and access for learning. Any of the Amazon HD products in the Top 10 List will cover these three descriptions.

A controversial subject, whether or not the very young should be using tablets or devices. At any rate, make sure that you closely monitor the amount of time a child uses a tablet, as well as the content your child has access to.

✅Consumer Reports Tablets reviews for Kids winner

After digging around and reading Consumer Reports tablets reviews, we managed to find their pick for the best. Turns out that Consumer Reports picks the iPad mini 4 (128GB) for performance, display & convenience.

Quoted from their review at consumerreports.org, "It was released in 2015, but the Apple iPad Mini 4 is still the best small tablet you can buy. Starting at $400, the iPad Mini 4 is expensive for a small tablet (most others in our ratings are below $200), but it gets high marks for performance and display quality, as well as customer satisfaction and reliability."

Consumer reports tablets reviews - iPad Mini 4

Picked as "The Best Small Tablet You Can Buy"

android tablet reviews consumer reports button

This is a great option for a tablet of general use, and the consumer reviews are really good, so might be worth a deeper look.

✅ Check Current Price Here (Hint: If you can get this iPad Mini for anywhere under $350, I'd say to go ahead & grab it!)

Glowing reviews from what I've read on Amazon.com for the Mini included customers who were happy with the quality, durability, size and battery life of this device.

Continuing the quote from Consumer Reports: "Our testers liked the sharp 7.9-inch display, which is bright enough to be easily viewed outdoors. The display’s wide viewing angle makes it easy to see content from the sides without the image washing out. That's useful when two or three people are crowding around the screen. Battery life isn't too shabby either: You'll get nearly 10 hours of web browsing and nearly 12 of playing video. A large ecosystem of high-quality iOS apps add to the appeal.

On the downside, there is just one connector port, so you’ll have to buy dongles or adapters if you wanted to, say, import photos from an SD card directly to the iPad. Parents may also chafe at the lack of dedicated profiles for children, a useful feature that Amazon prominently touts for its Kindle tablets.

Do read that last sentence again if you are looking for a Kid's Tablet: "Parents may also chafe.." That may not be a deal-breaker for some, but something to look into!

Tablets for Kid Uses:

Let's discuss tablets for kids based upon what use you might be focused on for your child:

-Best for reading

A tablet can be a great tool to get your child to read. You can download tons of free and/or paid books online and your children can have a library in their hands everywhere they go. What a great tool for improving your child's reading skills. After much research, we've decided that for this year, the top Tablets listed above are also the best for reading:

The Amazon Fire HD, the Samsung Galaxy Kid's E Lite, or any Apple iPad (the mini would be a good choice) are excellent choices for Tablet reading for kids.

Do be sure to purchase a good case to go with your Tablet. Several of the Tablets discussed already come with a bumper case.

Now, remember that tablets and eReaders are not the same thing. A tablet has much more functionality (for games, apps, etc.) than for just reading. (An example of an eReader device would be a Kindle or a Nook).

I'll include a section on eReaders when I can, and I hope to dive a little deeper on eReaders in another post as well. But for now, this section is discussing only tablets with regard to reading for kids.

Please do note however, that an eReader device such as a Kindle is healthier on the eyes because of the screen. The bright LCD screen of a Tablet will be more of a strain than that of an eReader. However, most kids are on a Tablet anyway, so I'm including this information.

Also remember that you can adjust brightness in the settings of any device which may help.

-Best for reading comics

Remember those Archie, Betty, Veronica & Jughead comics you had way back in the day? Well, they still exists and there is a WHOLE WORLD of comics out there for kids (and adults!) Finding the best tablet for reading comics may be well worth looking into if you have a child that might enjoy comics. I have one struggling reader that really loved comics and it got her reading, so I bought her a ton of them.

Did you know that you can read comics on a Tablet? You can! Here are my recommendations if reading comics are your thing:

  • You'll definitely need a Tablet as opposed to an eReader, to be able to view color and graphics. (Comics = graphic novels.)
  • You may need to spend a little more if you are really into Comics. I'd opt for a 9" or higher inch screen to get the best interface.

After reading tons of articles on which tablet to buy for reading comics, I'm seeing several of the Samsung Galaxy series, always included are any of the Apple iPad products but particularly the iPad Air (#1 for many for comics), and on that list is still the Amazon Fire HD (mostly the 10" screen for comics).

-Best for listening to audiobooks

You are pretty much going to be able to listen to audiobooks to your heart's content on any of these top tablets as long as you can download apps (such as Audible, Amazon Kindle, or Epic). But one consideration to make if you need to be able to hear well when you are listening to books read aloud would be the speaker abilities on your device.

From the research I've done, it seems that speaker and audio quality for the Top Tablets for Kids listed above are all pretty much equal.

However, if it's of real concern to you (sound quality), you may want to take note of where the speakers are located on the device. There are front-facing speakers on some Tablets, such as on the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3, the Asus Zenpad, or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

Be careful though with a device that has front-facing speakers, that you don't choose a device that you'll be covering with your thumbs when you hold it. An option for sound is to blue-tooth or connect your tablet to another speaker you have for better sound.

-Best for dyslexia

For reading, if you or your child has dyslexia, you'll want to ensure that your new Tablet will have the ability to activate text-to-speech.

Also, there are quite a few apps that you use to help with any learning disabilities such as dyslexia. You may want to research these and decide if there are any helpful apps you'd really like to try and confirm that the Tablet you purchase can support those apps.

My research here is that you may actually not want the Amazon Fire HD for these type apps, but that the Apple iPad mini (or any Apple device that will have Kindle reader / Audible Whispersync available) would be a good choice. An interesting article for more of your own research: http://dyslexia.yale.edu/resources/tools-technology/tech-tips/tablet-comparison/

Best Tablet for Kids 2022

Now that we've talked about the best Tablets according to consumers and Amazon reviews, let's take a look at the best tablets for kids in 2022 according to the reviews and ratings.

Best Kid's Tablets Reviews & Features

  1. Amazon Fire HD 8" & 10" (specs shown are for the 8". Check page for additional 10" specifications)

  • Resolution is 1280 x 800 (189 ppi)
  • Storage 32 GB (expandable by up to 400 GB)
  • CPU & RAM Quad-core 1.3 GHz with 1.5 GB of RAM
  • Battery Life:   Up to 10 hours of reading, surfing the web, watching video, and listening to music
  • Audio: Dolby Atmos, dual stereo speakers, built-in microphone
  • Colors: Black tablet with choice of Blue, Pink, or Yellow Kid-Proof Case
  • Content: 1 year of FreeTime Unlimited which offers access to more than 20,000 kid-friendly books, videos, educational apps and games
  • Service and Warranty: 2-year worry-free guarantee included
  • Cover: Kid-Proof Case included
  • Camera: 2 MP front-facing + 2 MP rear-facing with 720p HD video recording
  • Connectivity: Dual-band Wi-Fi
  • Weight: 16.7 oz (474 grams)
  • Dimensions: 9.6" x 6.1" x 1.0" (244 mm x 155 mm x 26 mm)

Best Tablet 2019

  1. Samsung Kid's Tab E Lite

  • 32GB MicroSDHC Memory Card, Cleaning Kit
  • Stylus Pen with Pocket Clip (Qty 3)
  • Metal Ear Buds - Black
  • PocketPro XL Hardshell Case
  • Screen Size 7 inches
  • Screen Resolution 1024 x 600
  • Processor 1.3 GHz
  • RAM 1 GB
  • Hard Drive 8 GB
  • Number of USB 2.0 Ports 1
  • Average Battery Life (in hours) 9 hours

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite price

  1. Fire HD 10 Tablet with Alexa

  • Same features as HD 10, including Alexa hands-free
  • Brilliant 10.1" 1080p Full HD display (1920 x 1200), up to 1.8 GHZ quad-core processor, 2 GB RAM, and up to 10 hours of battery life.
  • Largest display, now with over 2 million pixels, stereo speakers, Dolby Audio, and dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi—perfect for watching Full HD video, playing games, reading magazines, and streaming content seamlessly
  • Use Alexa hands-free mode to pause videos, play music, open apps, show sports scores, display the weather, and more
  • Call or message almost anyone hands-free, or make video calls to family and friends with a Fire tablet, Echo Spot, Echo Show, or the Alexa App.
  • Instantly connect to enabled Echo devices.
  • 32 or 64 GB internal storage expandable by up to 256 GB (using the microSD slot).
  • Watch downloaded videos anywhere with a Prime membership, Netflix plan, or Showtime subscription.
  • Enjoy millions of movies, TV shows, songs, Kindle eBooks, magazines, Android apps, and games—including Netflix, Facebook, HBO, Spotify, and more
  • Prime members get unlimited access to over a thousand books and magazines, millions of songs, and thousands of movies and TV episodes—at no additional cost

Best Tablet for Children - Amazon Fire 10

  1. Leapfrog Epic

  • Designed for children 3-9 years old.
  • Excite your kids with a virtual world they create on the LeapFrog Epic 7" Tablet. Manage what, when and how long each child plays with best-in-class parents controls for up to 3 profiles.
  • Includes Just for Me Learning technology that personalizes select games to challenge kids as they grow.
  • Dive into over 20 kid-favorite android apps and the world-class kid-safe web with the LeapSearch browser. Easily add websites to your Epic tablet as your child matures.
  • Removable bumper
  • Shatter-safe, 7" multi-touch capacitive screen, 1024x600 resolution
  • OS based on Android 4.4
  • 1.3 GHz quad-core processor
  • 16GB memory with expandable SD card port
  • Dual cameras for pictures and videos
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/h
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery

leapfrog epic academy edition tablet

  1. Dragon Touch Y88X

  • Free Disney Book Included: There are 20 Disney story books and 4 audio books, such as Zootopia, Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, Moana and so on.
  • Kidoz Pre-installed: Kids can have their own personal playground and the Child Friendly Interface makes it easy to use. They can get access to fun and educational games and videos which you choose for them. Kids can access educational and entertaining apps and websites without any risk of coming across anything inappropriate.
  • Kid-proof Case: Made of high quality soft silicone material, it is specially designed to be the perfect solution for the protection against drops, bumps, and the typical mayhem caused by kids at play.
  • Exclusively Designed Case: The case comes with the stand function, so kids don't need to hold the tablet all the time when they are studying, watching, and playing games.
  • Powerful and Full-featured tablet: Equipped with Quad-core processor, combined with 1GB RAM 8GB ROM, Android 7.1 operating system. Add a micro SD card slot for up to 32 GB of expandable storage to store photos, music, and videos.
  • Screen Size 7 inches
  • Screen Resolution 1024×600
  • Max Screen Resolution 1024×600
  • Processor 1.3 GHz
  • Hard Drive 8 GB
  • Average Battery Life (in hours) 3 hours

dragon touch y88x plus review

  1. Lenovo Tab 4

  • THEATER-LIKE MULTIMEDIA: 10-inch tablet has a brilliant HD display with booming Dolby Atmos Audio and built-in dual-stereo front-facing speakers perfect for binge-watching TV and movies on-the-go
  • TABLET FOR KIDS: Transform to a kids tablet with Lenovo Kid's Pack, including a shock-resistant bumper, blue-light screen filter and fun stickers; family sharing is now a breeze
  • MULTI-ACCOUNT: With multi-user and multi-space functionality, switch to Productivity Mode and add the Lenovo Bluetooth keyboard for a 2-in-1 tablet. Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. 802.11 b/g/n WiFi
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE ANDROID TABLET: Wifi tablet has a 64-bit Quad-core Snapdragon processor of up to 1.4 GHz, 2GB of RAM, plus an epic 20 hour battery life for seamless performance on any day-to-day tasks.
  • BOX CONTAINS: Lenovo Tablet Tab 4 10, Charger, USB Type-C Cable, Safety/Warranty Guide, Quick-Start Guide; perfect tablet for kids, work or play
  • BOX CONTAINS: Lenovo Tablet Tab 4 10, Charger, Micro USB, Safety/Warranty Guide, Quick-Start Guide; perfect tablet for kids, work or play*Now enabled with Amazon Alexa Voice Services. Please make sure latest firmware is updated

Lenovo tablet 10 review

Best Tablets for Kids WINNER This Year

The Amazon Fire HD 8!

Before you shop on Amazon though, make sure you are a Prime member! Prime Members get exclusive gifts, free shipping on tons of items, hundreds of free books and movies and the list goes on and on. You'll make your money back easily just in the holiday season! It's a must-have.

For my part, the Tablet I would choose for my kids next will be the Amazon Fire HD, either the 8 or the 10, depending on my budget.

Good luck finding a Tablet for your child! There are many to choose from, and there may be a different fit for each family. Let me know if you have any comments or opinions on the Tablet you are currently using in your home!


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