Toddler Glasses | Cheap Kid’s Glasses & Reading Glasses for Kids ULTIMATE GUIDE

Toddler Glasses | Reading Glasses for Kids | Unbreakable Glasses for Kids ULTIMATE GUIDE (from a Mom!)

What is your main goal when looking for reading glasses for your child? Are your kids super active, so you need unbreakable glasses for kids? Or are you looking for designer toddler glasses that keep your little one looking stylish?

There are so many things to keep in mind. Finding reading glasses for kids within budget that are kid-tough and stylish can be daunting. So..

I've taken the time and really dug into the ins and outs of all the different kinds of glasses for you, as a mom, and I'm happy to share all that I've learned with you so that you can make a great choice for your little one.

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Toddler glasses from Walmart

Things to Consider When Looking for Glasses for Your Child

     1. Age of your child and durability needs

If you have a toddler up to elementary-age child, you may want to consider the flexible, unbreakable type of glasses (I have a few mentioned below). If you are shopping for your teen,  you may not need to consider durability as much, depending on your child's activity level, and what you are using the glasses for. (Sports, reading, etc.)

     2. Your Child's Style 

There are some really CUTE glasses (that I mention below), for the little ones. And not all of them are too high-priced. (Yay!) If you have a kiddo who has a definite need for children's designer glasses (or just has a strong opinion), get your child involved in picking out glasses.

     3. Budget

Some glasses are super expensive. But really, you can find the perfect glasses for your child that aren't too costly. Also, consider your vision/ health insurance, and see what or if your insurance will cover frames or lenses. Keep in mind breakage and replacement if you are buying for a younger child (plan for it).

     4. Construction of the glasses

Be aware of every facet of the glasses you choose to purchase. Consider the material of the frames (for wear and for sizing), the nosepads (if desired), the lens type (should be polycarbonate), the hinges (toddler and young kid flexible glasses can have NO hinges, or if you do get hinges, you can get the kind that are spring hinges, so they can flex outward.

Also, consider the temple style (you can get wraparound style, or no temple - just a band around the head), and the fit of the bridge of the glasses. You may want to have your child fitted first, so that you'll know what you are looking for when shopping online.

     5. Return Policy

Know what the return policy and warranty or guarantee is for the glasses that you purchase. Consider return shipping, and what condition the glasses may be returned in if you are able to. If they only are able to be returned in pristine condition, you may need to go for lower-priced glasses so you can replace when needed.

Gray Line

Unbreakable Glasses for Kids with Unbreakable Eyeglass Frames

If you have active kids, you (and your wallet) will probably grow tired of replacing them over and over (and over). Many parents have found great luck buying glasses that are unbreakable and flexible. 

Replacing glasses can be a strain on your budget and your patience. Check out these options for super-cute flexible kid and toddler glasses for your child!


There are many frames and colors to choose from if you are looking for Miraflex glasses. Part of the description of the glasses according to Miraflex: 

"Miraflex glasses are lightweight, flexible, and malleable. Each frame automatically optimizes and adjusts themselves to the face of the child to allow early for early correction of refractive errors and strabismus treatments for any age.

All Miraflex children's frames include a matching adjustable elastic headband to keep the frame sung and centered allowing for optimal Optical Correction and perfect Occlusion treatment.

Italian made Miraflex frames are available in many Colors, Models, and Shapes to making them perfect for Boys & Girls of any age. Feel free to browse through our full product line and find the exact size and color for you."

General Price Range: About $80 - $100

Return Policy / Guarantee: According to the Miraflex website, as long as the glasses are in restocking condition, they may be returned.

Summary of reviews: After reading all the reviews on Amazon I could get my hands on, Miraflex glasses are highly rated and reviewed. Parents seem very pleased with them. Of the few negative reviews, they seemed to be for a lack of fit, which wasn't a problem because they were easily returned.

Tomato Glasses

How cute are these tomato glasses? Of course, they do come in different colors, and you can buy them right off Amazon. 

General Price Range: Most glasses I'm seeing currently are about $136

Return Policy / Guarantee: I could not find a return policy or warranty anywhere on the manufacturer's site, so you would need to contact them directly.

General Reviews: Judging from the reviews I found on Amazon, people like these glasses. I saw many 5 star ratings for each of the Tomato glasses listed on Amazon.

Cheap Kid's Glasses

If you are looking for a great discount, there are lots of glasses you can go for that are low-priced, but not actually "cheap". Here are some ideas for low-priced, or cheap kid's glasses that you might consider:

EnzoDate Glass Frames

Coming in different color choices, these glasses are one-piece, no screw or metal components, and are made in Switzerland. Lenses width are 42mm, bridge width 16mm, temple length 120mm and they come with strap (length adjustable) & a hard case. They are bendable, flexible and unbreakable! You can grab the proper lenses at Walmart, or your local glasses shop!

General Price Range: Found on Amazon for $20

Return Policy / Guarantee: None that I could see - but the price is low enough not to worry about it.

Summary of Reviews: More than 80% of the reviews were positive, and the negative reviews were nothing to worry about. I wouldn't have any problem going this route.

Kid's Glasses from Walmart

There are also a really wide range of kids' glasses from Walmart. (You can buy everything at Walmart, right?) Head over to this link and you can get an idea of what they carry. Find a Walmart with a Vision Center and get your child's glasses there. 

General Price Range: From the Walmart site, I can see a pretty wide range of prices to fit your budget, from $38 to $108.

Return Policy / Guarantee: Ask your local Vision Center what their specific return policy is. But - I'll tell you, from the Mom Facebook boards I'm on, I've heard that you CAN return broken glasses to get a new pair, multiple times! Definitely worth a look into.

Summary of Reviews: I found it too hard to find a general review of all Walmarts. What you should do is Google the local Vision Center that you plan to go to for reviews. I will say that I read a lot of good reviews for the ones that popped up first. 

Children's Designer Glasses

Think of your favorite designer, and you'll probably be able to find kid glasses that will fit your style. You can find glasses from many of your favorites, including

  • Jonas Paul
  • Ray-Ban
  • Coastal
  • Daniel Walters
  • Oakley
  • Nike
  • Gucci
  • and more!!

Toddler Glasses Straps

Many of the glasses you will purchase will come with straps. But you may need spare, or if your frames don't come with straps already, you might take a look for some. Here are the highest rated straps on Amazon:

Toddler Fake Glasses

Perfect for party favors, or costumes, every home needs a good pair of fake glasses from toddlers to adult! Here are a few to pick up:

Little Kid Sunglasses (Amazon Kid Sunglasses)

It isn't just adults who need sunglasses. Don't forget to protect your child's eyes from bright sunlight and let them look cool in their new sunglasses, too. Here are some cute ones you could choose from at Amazon.

Good luck in your quest to find the perfect glasses for your child! Hopefully, they will give your kiddo a boost in school. With the right prescription, your child may be able to read better, which lays the foundation for learning in school.

I hope you found something useful in this post. If you have any leads on cute glasses for kids, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Toddler glasses from Walmart

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