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(THIS IS PART TWO of the article, referring more specifically to the way I use TAILWIND in my system.  If you would like to work through or read my whole scheduling strategy, you may want to start from the beginning HERE.

Now it's time to focus on using Tailwind as part of your Pinterest pin-scheduling strategy!  I primarily use Tailwind for it's tribes, but I do use it for additional scheduling as well.

After you have studied the interface of the main Tailwind home screen (and that may take a while - there is a lot going on with the dashboard!) The first action you will want to take will be to join the perfect Tailwind Tribes.  Head over to the "Find a Tribe" link and click on it.  Type in any keyword that would describe your niche. For instance, if you are going back to our Food Blog example, you may want to type in "recipes" or "food" or something general.  Use this method to find your perfect tribe.  You'll definitely want it to be in your niche because you'll be sharing your pins and hoping they in turn get shared.  Also you'll be pinning your tribemates' pins, and you want to pin great articles that pertain to your niche, right?  You'll choose which tribes to join after you look at their stats (do they pin the right pins you want (preview the tribe), how many members do they have and how active are they?, what are the rules?)  Also see my note below (in pink) about other ways to find tribes (that can save you money!)

You can select up to 5 Tribes with a free account and make up to 30 submissions per month.  Now, to upload your Pin to the tribe & after making sure you have the Tailwind Chrome extension installed, head over to Pinterest and schedule to Tailwind straight from the Pin on your "Best of..." board.  (Click on the little blue Tailwind icon with the word Schedule on your Pin). Share it to a secret board and delete it later, since this is just for uploading to your Tailwind Tribe.  Make sure to select "Share with tribe", pick the tribe, and voila!  It'll show up on the"Your Pins" section in your tribes. The pins you share will be entered into Tailwind's scheduler (looks like this):




You'll have to select a board to pin to with each share.  Pick one of your own niche boards and Boardbooster will trickle it out to your Group Boards (remember your niche boards are the source for pinning to all your Group Boards as scheduled?)

Each tribe keeps a count of the number of pins you have Added, as well as he count of those you have Shared from others in the tribe. Follow the rules so you don't get booted!




Going forward, you can check on how the tribe is helping your pins spread.  In the Tribe, you can click on one of the pins you shared and on the left side of the screen you can see how many Re-Shares you got, how many Re-pins, and the overall reach.  I'd give each tribe at least a week or more before you decide to leave it and go find another one if your pins aren't being shared.




Psssst - pro tip here for the PENNILESS BLOGGER-STARTERS!! - The free plan allow you to schedule up to 100 pins and this will go fast.  BUT if you get invited to Tailwind Tribes via other sources like Facebook groups, blog posts etc (do a google search!) then the link you use can give you up to a $15 freebie gift - Join tribes using their own links from other sources like this and you can be on the Tailwind PRO plan totally free!  WOOT!!  Also, if you start your own Tribe, you can get $15 for each person who uses the link as well.  Oh, yeah!


This tribal reach will BOOST your pins growth and hopefully make them go viral!  Don't delete your pins if they aren't doing well though, unless you have a great reason.  You never know when they will take off!

Good luck Pinners!

Now it's your turn - let me know what works for you - or if you have any questions in the comments below!

🙂 Amy B


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  1. The best tool ever for managing the Pinterest is and there are no second thoughts about it. After using it for 4 months now, I must say, it has contributed a lot in adding the followers and boosting my earnings too.
    Firstly, it is absolutely amazing investment especially when it comes to the artificial intelligence that it uses to pin the relevant items, find and show the right content which will be popular with my target audience. And to top it all, the great help it offers in scheduling the pins automatically and what I need to do is just feed my preferences once a week and it does the rest of the job. I love that I don’t have to create multiple PinPinterest accounts to manage multiple Pinterest accounts. I can manage them all at one place.

    1. Thank you Ciara! That is something I have not looked into yet, but I will! The part about not having to create different accounts is intriguing too..

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