Reading Strategies for Parents Handout Brochures

Printable Reading Strategies for Parents Handout Brochures - Perfect for parents of struggling readers for help at home.

Reading Strategies for Parents Handout

Grab these easy-to-print brochures for parents! Teachers of preschool, kindergarten and elementary age, and perfect for school reading specialists or tutors, these reading strategies for parents handouts are tailored to target different reading struggles to help with involvement at home. 

There are 4 different brochures that you can have ready to go to print out for kid's different needs in your classroom. You'll get brochures for strengthening 1) reading comprehension, 2) reading fluency, 3) beginning reader skills, 4) the joy of reading.

Literacy Brochures for Parents


Grab your Reading Help Brochures here -  Purchase on Etsy or TPT

Ways parents can help with reading at home

Parents are always going to be the primary educator for their children, whether public-schooled, private-schooled, or homeschooled. Support from caregivers are the key ingredient for kids to be successful.

And this may especially be true in reading. So, if a teacher or reading specialist can give tips to parents at home to support what is being workd on at school, or in tutoring sessions, so much the better!

These brochures help parents:

  1. Know what is most important to work on in reading,

  2. Pinpoint what a child's struggles are & work on them, 

  3. Receive encouragement for making reading goals at home.

And more!

Reading strategies posters

Teachers and reading tutors and reading specialists usually have posters up in the classroom to help with teaching reading and reading remediation. If a parent has a beginner who is struggling with particular issues, maybe some posters up in the home will help!

Here are some websites and places that have great reading posters:

  • Reading Comprehension Posters - here
  • Reading Fluency Posters - here 
  • Love Reading Posters -here
  • Phonics Posters - here
  • Sight Words Posters - here

Literacy handouts for parents

Reading specialists and teachers can also pass out literacy handouts at the beginning of the year and throughout to help encourage parents about why it is so important to teach kids the fundamentals of reading.

Here are some great literacy handouts I found that teachers can pass out to parents!

Parent workshop reading strategies

Creating literacy workshops for parents of young and beginning readers is a great idea to encourage reading in the home. Teachers and schools alike can provide a culture of reading at school that carries over into the home.

Here are some links to some great ideas your school might consider for creating your own parent workshop:

Family Literacy Night Ideas for Your School - find here

Hosting Literacy Workshops for Parents of Preschoolers - find here

Decoding strategies for parents

The definition of decoding for reading:

Decoding is the process of translating print into speech by rapidly matching a letter or combination of letters (graphemes) to their sounds (phonemes) and recognizing the patterns that make syllables and words. There is an area in the brain that deals with language processing and does this process automatically.

Teachers and reading specialists are trained to use these decoding strategies from early phonemic awareness with alphabet learning, to phonics, and reading words, full sentences, and paragraphs.

Parents at home can help this process! The brochures listed below can help caregivers with extra help in decoding strategies for fluency, comprehension, phonics, and more.

Reading support for parents - Printable tri-fold brochures you can take home or hand out!

These handouts for a total of only $3.99 (for all 4) that you can purchase either on Etsy or Teachers Pay Teachers cover the reading issues you see in the graphics below. You'll have the freedom to print out for personal use, and for any students directly under your care.

  1. Reading comprehension activities for home

If you have a student or child who struggles with reading comprehension - the understanding of what she is reading, these brochures may help. They offer concrete advice for building comprehension in readers.

Reading Comprehension Strategies

  1. Strategies to improve reading fluency 

Does your student struggle with accuracy, flow, and expression? Help them work on fluency skills with this brochure:

  1. How to get your child to love reading

If you have a child or student who claims to hate reading, there may be some techniques to help! This brochure helps parents instill a love of reading into reluctant readers.

Joy of Reading

  1. Help for struggling readers just starting out

For beginning readers, it may seem like they can't get past the "sounding out" stage. This easily printable brochure may be just the things to give parents a few action items to help a reader just starting out.

Beginning Readers

I hope these brochures will be a great resource for your beginning/ struggling reader or for your students!

These brochures will be sent to you in .pdf format for printing (print on both sides). Just head over to Etsy or TPT to grab them. Thank you so much!









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