Reading IQ App Reviews

By Amy Brotherman
Updated May 2020

Reading IQ App Review - What is it, and is it a good fit for your family?

I'm taking a deep dive into this program to give you a Reading IQ app review that will tell you everything you need to know to decide whether or not this app (and desktop also!) is where you want to put your dollars for your child's reading program.

To start, in case you have never heard of this app before, Reading IQ is a program made by the same people who created, and it's basically a huge online book library.

I'll add a bunch of pics below from my own use of the app with my family, and also let you know what I've found from other parents and teachers who have been using this online book library have to say in general.

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As you read, you may want to go ahead and download the app so you can get a look at what I'm talking about. You are welcome to use this link >> Reading IQ 1 Month Free << (Use THAT link to get the first month free!)

Or, if you are ready to move forward with getting ReadingIQ, I'll post current deals I see here, too..


in the picture: A look inside the Level One portion of the complete kit.

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Reading IQ app Review
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Reading IQ App Reviews

If you are like me, I ALWAYS check out any online reviews I can find, and I go straight to the bad reviews to know if there is anything to be on the lookout for. I go check out Amazon, Common Sense, and any Moms group boards I'm a part of on Facebook.

Here is what I found regarding the Reading IQ app for each:

     -Reading Reviews on Amazon:

The app is a free download through Amazon that I found here.

There were about 18 reviews from 2019 on Amazon, so not too many to go from. People seem to be pleased with the app, but that is balanced out with negative reviews from people who wanted it to be compatible with the Amazon Kid's Fire device, which it apparently is not.

If you would like to see the full page of Amazon reviews for ABCmouse, you can check that out here.

     -Reading IQ App Reviews from Common Sense Media

I saw one review on Common Sense Media from a fellow teacher, and she gave Reading IQ 4 stars, saying that this app is a great tool to use in the classroom. One of her points mentioned, (which I can agree with), is that it's very simple to use. Open it, pick a book, and read!

Teachers really like that they can assign books from the app to their students by book level. I'll explain more about the levels below.

     -ReadingIQ App Reviews from other web sites..

I think Reading IQ is not as well known of a program, like ABCmouse or Adventure Academy. So, I found a few sources of other mom reviews, but not too many.

From the small handful of reviews that I could find online, parents had positive reviews for ReadingIQ. In general, it's a nice little library of books for your kiddo online. 

Reading IQ video

To give you a little more insight, check out this Reading IQ Video from the creators:



CLICK HERE to grab Reading IQ for the 1 Month Free Trial.


What is in Reading IQ?

I'll put below a screenshot of the home screen when you open the Reading IQ dashboard. Your child will be able to see all kinds of book titles first thing when he opens the program. I love this, because it is very easy to use! Just pick a book, click on it, and voila! Read to your heart's content.


Reading IQ app


You can see from the home screen that there are multiple categories to choose from for books. As you scroll down the page, you'll see more categories (and I'll post a pic of all the categories below). You can move from right to left in a category to see more book choices.



Once you choose a book, you just click on the book and the cover of the book will open in the screen, along with options for reading the book, having the book read to your child, or having the book read to your child, but pausing between pages. Not all books have audio available, but many of them do.


Reading IQ Book cover


And then of course, you just click to open the page to begin reading! It's fairly straightforward, which is something I love - because it's easy for my child to read and listen to books even when I'm not available.




Reading IQ for Teachers

Reading IQ is FREE for teachers! Teachers can get a free account with Reading IQ, and set up a class for instruction, entering students and appropriate book levels for each student to access.

Teachers and parents can choose "Accelerated Reader" levels, "Guided Reading" levels, and "Lexile" levels, depending on your school or homeschool choices.

Parents at home, you will probably just be able to browse and suggest good books that you know your child will like!


reading iq teacher login


Reading IQ FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


What is Reading IQ?

Reading IQ is an online library of over 7,000 books for kids ages 2-12 for at home or in the classroom. Many of the books have audio, and teachers can create an account for students.

Can Reading IQ be used on multiple devices?

Yes, the Reading IQ app can be used with desktops, tablets and phones.

What ages are appropriate for children to use Reading IQ?

Children recommended for the books in Reading IQ are usually ages 2 to 12.

How much does Reading IQ cost? 

The app is free to download, but to use it and have access to the books you need to create an account. You can get the first month free here. Or, you can go ahead and sign up for a plan which is $7.99 a month. You can find "deals" frequently like this >> $29.99 for a full year, or >>> 2 months for $5.

Does Reading IQ help teach your child to read?

Reading IQ is not a curriculum to teach children to read (you need a system of phonics to do that well). It's an online library of books. 

Part of any good reading curriculum plan is to read aloud to your kids, and give them the space and books they need to read on their own time. You'll definitely need a library of books in the hand and on a device (if your child uses a device) to really encourage a lifetime of reading.

✅ ✅  Is Reading IQ free for teachers?

Yes, it is! Teachers can create an account free, and then register students under the class. Teachers can create challenges for the kids, and keep up with reading time and assessments for each student.

So should you buy Reading IQ?

I think you should give it a go, even if just for the 30 day free trial. You can always cancel, and meanwhile you can get a great idea of all the books that are available to you and your children.

It's a great app for getting kids to read at home, or anywhere on a screen. A great way to fill your tablet or phone with something that is educational and fun too.

Here are also two programs from the same company (Age of Learning) in case you are curious to try them out. ABCmouse is the most well-known, and also Adventure Academy (great for older kids!).

Adventure Academy

Shown: Adventure Academy from the makers of ABCmouse. Great for kids who have outgrown ABCmouse and need a move up & tons of FUN!

Get more info:


ABCmouse: More than 850 Lessons Across 10 Levels curriculum is a program of more than 850 lessons over ten levels. As your child completes a lesson, he or she is guided to the next activity, earning tickets and rewards to use in the game.

Get more info:


ABCmouse - Try it Free!

in the picture: A look inside ABCmouse and 30 Free Days.

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FREEBIE FOR YOU! Did you sign up for ABCmouse? 

After you do that, hop on over to this page to access your free alphabet printables, beginning sounds flashcards and other beginning reader freebies. (See a pic below of a sample of what you'll get.)

beginning sounds picture cards     Alphabet Worksheets A-Z for Preschool Printables

Happy reading!




Other Free Educational Websites for Kindergarteners and Up..

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