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Akea – The Power of Destiny¬† by Elizabeth Jade ¬† ¬† Born into a family of sled dogs, Akea’s life should have followed a predictable path, but from the day she first saw the lone wolf, Akea knew her future lay beyond the safety of her home. Kazakh was well aware of Akea’s destiny and the pack laws he would break to help her reach it. Regardless of the challenges ahead, he knew he must help this young husky to be ready, no matter what the cost.

Find Your Happy: A Kid’s Self Love Book¬† by Patricia May ¬† ¬† Endorsed by Anita Moorjani, New York Times Best selling author of “Dying to be Me” found this book to be a helpful guide for children of all ages. Find your Happy offers kids the tools needed to create a more pleasant daily experience.¬†Full of practices and exercises, kids will enjoy learning and doing these tasks while feeling more relaxed, inspired and confident.

My Special Mind ¬† by Laura Day and Trey Day ¬† ¬† My mind is always with me, thinking, and creating fun things to do and see. That’s what’s so special about me.” All too often children with ADHD feel as if the focus is always on correcting or highlighting the negative behaviors associated with having¬† ADHD.¬† Having ADHD can be fun, exciting, and adventurous.

I May Not Be Like You But We Could Be Friends  by Sabrena Bishop     The story is about a valuable lesson on the importance of individual difference, sharing feelings, being a good friend, and dealing with bullies, teasing and painful childhood lessons. The bright and colorful illustrations are captivating and entertains for early readers.

En busca de la paz  by Tere Rodriguez-Nora      Andre, a very curious little boy, is in search of an answer to the question What is peace? What is it made of ? What does it feel like? The answers come to him in a dream in which his grandfather appears and teaches him that peace is wonderful and can be

Rainbow Monsters, by Sylva Fae    On a mixed up rainy, sunny day, The rainbow monsters love to play. Jump on a cloud and join the rainbow monsters in their fun and games. Come and meet each of the monsters and learn the colours of the rainbow.

How to Move an Elephant¬† by AJA ¬† ¬† The Kaleidoscope Series books are intended to promote outside the box thinking for children of all ages. Not everyone sees things the same way, and that’s okay! Everything looks more fun when seeing it through a kaleidoscope!

The Adventures Of Snook And Gator: Snook Meets A Buddy  by Tara A. Rocker    In this story, Snook has been given the important job of being a Buddy to her classmate who is mainstreaming into a traditional education classroom. Snook has never heard of Autism, but quickly learns that she can be a good leader and friend to her Buddy.

Serendipity Mystery, Diary of a Snoopy Cat  by R.F. Kristi       Serendipity Mystery is the 7th standalone children’s book in the Diary of a Snoopy Cat series, which is purrfect for kids ages 7-12. If you and your child like new cultural experiences, animal detectives, and tales of teamwork, then you’ll love R.F. Kristi’s globetrotting adventures.

Aiden, the Basketball Star!  by Suzan Johnson      This book is the sequel to Aiden, the Soccer Star! He’s back, and this time Aiden is playing a new sport, basketball! Although Aiden enjoys the game, he is not sure that his skills are strong enough to make the team. He seeks the help of his friend to improve certain ball techniques. Will it work? Find out if Aiden’s hands will help him become a basketball star!

Kate and Caboodle  by Jerri J. Pirc   Picture book about Kate who moves with her large family of birds and animals. They have grown too big for their house, but can she fit them all in her old red truck for the move?

Reins of Love, by Laurie Salisbury ¬† ¬†Nine-year-old twins Beth and Ben Chamberlain are moving to a home in the country. Beth’s dream of owning a horse could finally be coming true. For Beth, moving is everything she has ever wanted. Ben might be a twin, but his feelings about the move couldn’t be more mixed. Sure, there’s a big yard and a barn, with all kinds of exciting possibilities. But, what if all of Beth’s dreams come true, and the only thing he gets is the short end of the stick? The siblings must learn to let God take control of the reins of their hearts before everything is lost.

From Dark to Light by Isabella Murphy    Pumpker, a little boy pumpkin, desires nothing more than to be adopted by a family to make them happy. Planted as a slim white seed along with his sisters, Plumpalicious and Plumpilina, he finds his wish come true as he grows into a pumpkin.

The Elly Rose adventures- Selfies from Townsville by Maggie O’Hara ¬† ¬† Have you ever wanted to jump on a plane and go somewhere completely new? Elly Rose does just this. She flies to Townsville in tropical North Queensland to visit Nana. They eat ice cream on the beach, see sharks up close and fly in a seaplane. What an adventure! Who could ask for more?

The Elly Rose Journals by Maggie O’Hara ¬†¬† Elly Rose always has the best show and tell. Other children want to be like her. Her secret?… she writes a journal of her adventures so she doesn‚Äôt forget anything. She takes photos and draws things that she sees or likes. Read Elly Rose‚Äôs journal from her adventure to Townsville and learn some interesting things along the way.¬† Journaling is a great way to record your memories when you travel or have an adventure in your own backyard.

Tufty the Cross-eyed Titmouse by Joe Jenney ¬† ¬†Poor Tufty pecks his toes instead of the seeds tufted titmice enjoy eating. His crossed eyes make it difficult for him to see the small seeds. He tries wearing boots to protect his toes, but he slips and falls off the tree branch. Since he can‚Äôt protect his toes while eating seeds he tries to eat the earthworms, moths and other things that his bird friends eat. This causes Tufty even more problems! All of Tufty’s difficulties are finally solved with help from Plato the owl and Mr. Crow.

Sundae, Calico Queen, Finds An Unlikely Friend by Brenda Swain ¬†¬† A charming story sure to delight the early reader! It’s about an adventurous cat who becomes hungry and tired and finds comfort from a kind dog. Acceptance and sharing are highlighted values in the communication between the two animals.

Pharaoh’s Arrow by George Neeb ¬† ¬† Kids love learning about history with picture books. Akia lives in an oasis with her father until a tragedy causes her to journey to Memphis and confront Almighty Pharaoh. Come visit Ancient Egypt in a tale told in rhyming couplets, where authentic hieroglyphics and historic papyrus paintings come to life. Ages 8 – 11 or any Egyptology fan!

Angels Are God’s Helpers by Shelly Morrow Whitenburg ¬† ¬† “Angels are kind, patient, and full of God’s light and love. They are here to assist you from way up above.” This sweet early reader is written in a captivating rhyme and it helps children to know that they are not alone in life and that it is important to ask God for help. This is a message that is so helpful in today’s world!

Awesome Alex’s Big Book of Spanish Puzzles for Kids – Volume 1 by Siskia Lagomarsino & Erik Zidowecki Awesome Alex does many awesome things, like running real fast in a hamster ball or climbing all the way to the highest tower of the hamster house… but the most awesome of them all is speaking many languages! Why, Alex is even learning Spanish right now!

The Fantastic Adventures of Oliver Phenomena- Oliver and the Guardian Angel by Andy Klein  There is something very special about Oliver Phenomena, a young boy who seems to attract the most unusual experiences. In his first story he finds himself in plenty of hot water, but his guardian angel saves him each time -much to the amazement of onlookers.


Fiona the Theater Mouse  by Sheila Murray-Nellis     Fiona lives with her family behind the wall in the Noodle Soup Community Theater. When she makes friends with a bat named Bart, Fiona learns about courage and how to be a good friend. Soon danger threatens her family and Fiona and Bart must work together to find a way to save them. Grades 2 to 4, though younger children would enjoy the story as a read aloud.

The Girl in the Abbey  by Jessica Collett     Bramlingham Abbey sits alone and isolated, crumbling from neglect, hidden from sight by an ever-expanding jungle of vegetation. Violet Cobb, a fearless girl from the coastal town of Grimsby, is left on the doorstep Рmoved from her home during Operation Pied Piper, designed to keep the children of England safe during the bombing raids of World War Two.

Olivia Lauren’s A Guide to the Things We Wear¬† by Melissa-Sue John¬† is an introduction to the different things we wear. Olivia Lauren and her friends explore when, where, and why we wear the things we do. Children will increase their vocabulary and curiosity about fashion, tradition, culture, safety, and the significance of clothing.

Fresja and the Magical Mirror¬† by Jenny Braun ¬† ¬† Fresja and her friends discover the magic of finding the strengths and beauty that are within every one of us. A beautifully illustrated story for children (and adults) of all ages, with lessons in self-love and self-acceptance, that will carry the reader on butterfly wings and help us all, especially when we are feeling “gron-jed”.

Morgan Goes Fishing  by  Dan Little    A fun, colorful early reader. Inspire your child to get outside with this fun summer read. Join Morgan as she goes on her first fishing trip. Then enjoy the coloring pages in the back to make your own fun.

Chuckie Makes Mistakes (Sometimes) by Amy Myers Jensen ¬† is a book that explains how hard it can be to always be on your best behavior. However, with a few reminders, we can learn to be more considerate and kind to others. EVEN CHUCKIE!¬†Chuckie the Chocolate Lab is an extremely handsome and sometimes mischievous dog who loves to be the center of attention. He’s the youngest of his siblings, and they often get frustrated with his silly antics.

Sally the Crab¬† by Lauren Dragon ¬† A tale of friendship and courage. Sally is a hermit crab that must go on a search for a new home after outgrowing her shell and she must do this while dealing with the fact that her best friend had to move away. This book explores how to cope with life’s changes, as well as the value of friendship. Educational and entertaining, as children will learn what various sea creatures do for homes. Follow this graceful crab on her marvelous adventure!

Jameon’s Closet¬† by Leanne Richter & Shauna Havlina ¬† ¬† Jameon’s Closet is a story written to help children acknowledge and respect their feelings…even the hard ones. It uses humor and everyday life to gently and non-threateningly expose children to the importance of appropriately expressing feelings. The clever use of the closet as a metaphor addresses a familiar and common experience many children have when confronted with overwhelming feelings.

Monster Spray  by Suzy Marie Inman     What would you do if you found a monster under your bed? Mom has a magical recipe to get rid of them! Will it work? Find out in Monster Spray.

Bubbles and the Berry Bush  by Shannon L. Mokry    Can our young Prince and Princess learn to forgive? Bubbles the Bubble Blowing dragon and his friends learn how bad it feels to be misjudged. When a trip to pick berries goes horribly wrong, there is only one thing to do, capture all the fairies in bubbles!  This fun book shows our young prince and princess that mistakes happen and the best thing to do is talk it out and forgive.

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