Beginning Reader Bootcamp -WEEK 4 (Filling in the Reading Gaps)

WEEK #4    

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"Take ACTION! Filling in the Reading Gaps" 

This week is all about continuing the reading journey with your child at home, while pinpointing 1) where your child is on the path of reading, 2) where any struggle areas are, and 3) determining if you need to ask your child's teachers questions, or reach out to a reading specialist for assessment.

Folks, this is a BUSY WEEK. Don't drop out now! Make a decision once and for all whether to take action if your child needs professional assessment. Make the effort to continue reading DAILY aloud to your child, and go even further with activities like book clubs, and trips to the library. This is where the PEDAL MEETS THE MEDAL. Keep reading!!

Onward to Week #4!

Your Steps For The Week:


1. Reading aloud for at least 10 minutes a day to your child according to your Parent's Daily Planner

2. Having your child read aloud for at least 10 minutes each day, and charting it on his/her Reading Rewards incentive chart (& giving the incentive when earned!)

3. Reading labels & signs, etc. together when you are out and about life.

4. Visit the library again.

5. Come over to the Facebook Group and tell us all about your Book Club plans!

New To Do's:

1. After looking over your notes on your child's reading that you took last week, figure out where their reading "gaps" are, and find an app or two this week that targets that skill to strengthen it.

2. Find ways to connect with your child's teacher and school to improve his/her reading. Use the questions for teachers printable below for ideas on what to ask your teacher.

3. Learn about when to see a reading specialist and decide if you should have your child seen for assessment. 

4. When you head to the library this week, take a moment to visit and enjoy the children's magazine section (or another area of the library you haven't explored!)

5. Complete the suggested reading below.




1. Questions you might ask your child's teacher, or reading specialist.


2. List of Resources for the Parent of a Struggling Reader (Includes a List of Terms for Reading Instruction)

3. Apps that help with Reading

4. This week's To-Do list!

Suggested Reading/Listening:

1. Finding a Reading Specialist (By Sheryl Knapp, A/AOGPE) Found on

2. What To Do To Get a Dyslexia Diagnosis from Dyslexia Daily  - I find this to be a good start if you suspect dyslexia, and it comes with a free eBook to help!

3. Struggling Readers 



Have FUN and have a great week!

I hope to see you over in the Facebook group - and you are always welcome to reply to these e-mails.

I am rooting for you and your reader!


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