Letter I Worksheets for Kindergarten

Letter I Worksheets for Kindergarten with Crafts, Songs, Show and Tell and More for Teaching the Letter I

It's time for Letter I with Letter I worksheets for Kindergarten and Preschool, crafts, and all kinds of activities!

Getting a little bit closer to the middle of the alphabet, letter I is an important letter. Being one of the vowels, letter I is used frequently when we read and write. 

So it's an important letter to teach! Long and short, teaching the letter I with all kinds of interactive play, using gross and fine motor skills for writing and learning with different sensory input will be fun at home or in the class.

Plus, teaching the letter I is a fabulous excuse for going out for a nice big bowl of ice cream. Let's dig in, and enjoy the letter I!

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Teaching Letter I

Letter I Songs

Make sure that you incorporate songs when teaching any subject, but especially the letters of the alphabet! 

Songs and music have been found to prime the brain to perform better in many cognitive abilities. So putting music to learning in any subject you can is always a terrific idea.

To get you started, check out these fun songs for the incredible letter I.



Letter I worksheets

Even though worksheets are necessarily the best way to introduce the letters of the alphabet (think multisensory for best practices), they are great for review, and for letting kids practice and learn how to write.

Here's a letter I worksheet for free that you can download for practice (see form above). When you sign up to receive these worksheets, you'll also have the whole alphabet available. Enjoy! 🙂


Letter I coloring pages

Coloring pages are always fun, and an easy way to integrate a sensory activity to learn the letters.

Here are some alphabet coloring pages you can check out on Amazon.

Letter I videos for preschoolers

Videos are always a fun idea for teaching new educational concepts! Abcmouse always has cute letter videos. I'll post it below for you to check out. And you can always google for so many more Letter I videos that you won't run out of ideas.

Letter I Crafts

Crafting is always a great way to introduce concepts and letters to your student. Just a few ideas for Letter I crafts that you might consider:

  • Cut out and paste an Ice Cream Cone from construction paper
  • Glue cottonballs onto a piece of construction paper into the shape of an igloo.
  • Create an island in a washtub with some sand.
  • Make an iguana hat out of a paper plate and some green paint.
  • Make an inchworm out of a cut-out egg crate.

Tracing Letter I

When your child is ready to practice tracing the Letter I, you can use activities like shaving cream on a baking sheet, bath paints, or even pretend sky-writing the letter I. Beyond that (and when my child is ready), I will use sheets like this one to start practice. 

Here is a super-cute video from the Singing Walrus to start talking about the correct way to trace and write the Letter I.

Show and Tell Letter I

Show and Tell is one of my favorite memories from my elementary school days. I hope you are able to incorporate it into your classroom activities. Here are a few ideas to give your kids for what they might bring to Show and Tell for Letter I week:

  • Ice cream
  • Insects
  • Iguana
  • (musical) Instrument
  • Index Cards
  • Inches on a ruler
  • Infant (maybe a new baby sister or brother)
  • Ice Skates

Letter I games

You and your child can always play "I Spy" when learning the letter I! Or really for any letter, you can play I Spy, and just look around for things that start with that letter.

Or, if you are in the market to purchase some board games, check out these games that have the letter I:

Letter I Activities for Preschoolers

I have already mentioned songs, video, crafts and more that you can do with your preschooler to learn the letters of the alphabet. But there are so many other activities you can do, too!

I think my favorite activity to do for the letter I would be to set up an ice cream station and let my kids put on their own toppings, or make it really fun in some way.

Another Letter I activity to consider would be to really focus on recognizing the letter within a word. Strong phonemic awareness is a cornerstone for strong future readers. You can use digital sound flashcards like these free ones to practice learning sounds of letters.


Letter I in cursive

When you are teaching letters in cursive, be sure to put up a poster showing the letters of the alphabet in cursive. Here are a few from Amazon you can choose from:

Letter I Worksheets for Kindergarten & Preschool, and All the Tools You Need to Teach Letter I

Enjoy teaching the Letter I to your kids! There are lots of ways to bring in multisensory activities to teach this wonderful vowel. Don't forget to show your kids that "I" can make a couple of different sounds.

And don't forget to grab that Letter I Worksheet, free from me!









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