Learning Dynamics Review (Four Weeks to Read)

Learning Dynamics Review from a Teacher/Mom. Is 4 Weeks to Read for Your Family?

4 Weeks to Read - Can that truly happen? Many parents are turning to this program to teach their beginning reader, so I thought I'd take an in-depth look. This Learning Dynamics review will cover a recap of everything I can find online for you - including a summary of other reviews, product details, and background on the program.

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Learning Dynamics: 4 Weeks to Read

A look at everything you purchase in the 4 Weeks to Read package:

  • Over 50 books - Your child is meant to build their library, book by book, as they increase in reading skills. Each book is leveled to different places in the learning process.
  • Teaching manual - The manual also includes short one page lessons, for every couple of days that your child is learning and reading.
  • Additional activities and workbooks
  • Digital music corresponding to the lessons
  • Free app for additional learning and fun
4 Weeks to Read Books

in the picture: 4 Weeks to Read reading program from Learning Dynamics

Get more info: Learning Dynamics 4 Weeks to Read

What is the Learning Dynamics Reading Program?

The 4 Weeks to Read Learning Dynamics program is a reading curriculum meant for beginning readers, best for ages 4 to 7.  Included in the set is a teaching manual, books, a parent's app, full color books and flashcards.

The teaching manual has 55 little 15 minute lessons, with a song and reward included.

4 Weeks to Read Lesson Manual

You'll receive 53 color books, each to reflect the 15 minute lesson in the parent workbook. These books are very simple, and only a few pages - so they are perfect for the beginning reader and won't be overwhelming.

Learning Dynamics Books

The parent's app is a great tool that contains each lesson, plus the song that goes with the lesson. This is great, because you can do the lessons away from home or even in the car! And there is a functionality that allows for you to receive reminders for your lessons.

Also, you'll receive accompanying flashcards, which are used specifically with different lessons to reinforce and teach the letters and sounds being learned in the lesson.

Learning Dynamics Video

Here is a video from 4 Weeks to Read you can check out that's kinda funny and cute about "mom guilt" and teaching our kids to read:


Learning Dynamics Reading System Reviews

Here's what I could find as far as reviews for the Learning Dynamics program:

From Reading Specialists -

I didn't see a whole lot of information from reading specialists, which was interesting. I'm the member of several reading specialist groups on Facebook that I'm very active in, and there just wasn't a ton of info. 

Reading teachers don't necessarily use this program, from what I can see. It's a better program for parents teaching very young kids at home.

The few comments that I did see where that teachers didn't see any flaws in the program, and that it can be beneficial at home for most readers. Readers who struggle may need more phonemic awareness instruction and more systematic phonics instruction with an Orton-Gillingham approach.

From Amazon customers:

Of all the 145 reviews I read at the time I was researching info for this program, most parents really appreciate and found success with this program.

Customers at the time gave it a 4 1/2 stars out of 5. Mostly it seemed like a simple, easy and straightforward program for parents and kids at home.


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The Learning Dynamics Songs

4 Weeks to Read Music

4 Weeks to Read has a letter song to go with each lesson. Here is a sample of a video/song that illustrates the Letter M:

Learning Dynamics Letter Order

Letters are taught in the order that teaches kids to put together words quickly. The letters m, a, p, s, and t are introduced first, and then more letters as the child goes through the program. You can spell and read several small words with these letters

In general, many parents teach the alphabet in order to their children. And this may work for many kids. But, the reading specialists I know will introduce letters out of order, but in a purposeful way for best practices.

One good sequence of letters is:

  1. child's first name
  2. s, a, t, i, p, n
  3. c, k, e, h, e
  4. m,d,g,o
  5. l,f,b,q,u
  6. j,z,w
  7. v,y,x

Learning Dynamics vs Bob Books

There are some similarities between the two - Both are "decodable" type readers - short and to the point, only including letters and words as your child learns them.

(Some people don't like these type of books because they are "boring". And indeed - they aren't good for an interesting plot, or entertainment. They are meant for introducing and reinforcing phonetic skills - the building blocks of reading. You should definitely allow your kiddos to have access to books above their level, and to read aloud often, but don't skip over sold phonics skills, using decodable books where needed for practice.)

The complete set of Bob books are around $139 on Amazon, and the Learning Dynamics full set on Amazon is $99. But, you can purchase the Bob books separately for each level at around $13 each.

Learning Dynamics includes an app, which is nice - and a song for each lesson. If you are choosing between the two, I'd go for the 4 Weeks to Read simply for this - Kids really learn well when you integrate multi-sensory ways of learning. And the flashcards help with this, too.

Learning Dynamics vs Hooked on Phonics

The entire Hooked on Phonics set in $199 on Amazon. This includes a whole curriculum for ages 3-8. The nice thing about Hooked on Phonics is that you know your child will be getting a good strong core in a foundation of Phonics.

And while Learning Dynamics has an app for the lessons and the songs for each lesson, Hooked on Phonics has an amazing app filled with games and activities that would be a great addition to the curriculum, as well.

The Learning Dynamics App

The parent's app comes free with the program. It contains 34 letter songs, the individual lessons, plus a reminder for the lessons. The 4 Weeks to Read is available for iOS and Android.


Learning Dynamics App

My thoughts on the Learning Dynamics 4 Weeks to Read Program

I think this is probably as good a choice as any if the price fits your budget and you want a simple program for your child to learn to read.

Learning to read in 4 weeks may or may not read though - be careful not to put your child's reading skills into an expectation of time like that. The program may be able to be completed in 4 weeks for some, but for other kids more repetition will probably be needed.


Feel free to also look into other reading program reviews on this site, such as the Hooked on Phonics, or the Reading Horizons program, plus more.


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