17 Parent’s-Choice Kids Book Subscription Boxes in 2020 for Any Young Reader!

17 Best Kids Book Subscription Boxes to Buy for Young Readers

Check out this amazing list of kid's book subscription boxes, selected by a lifetime bookworm Mom of three, former 2nd grade teacher, and one who has public-schooled, charter-schooled, private-schooled, and homeschooled.

A children's book subscription is an absolutely fabulous idea for gifting. Any of these book subscriptions would be LOVED by a child. So let's dig into these 17 book subscription boxes below for kids, cultivated just for you. (Oh and pssst! I added a bonus box for YOU at the very end. Enjoy!)

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Shipping: between the 2nd and 4th of each month

Cost: $25.99/month

Great for: Kids 3-7


The Banyan Tree Kidz box is a fun choice for combining reading with other activities, particularly in STEM-type activities and experiments.

So, if you know a child who loves to dabble in math and science, this might be a great way to also encourage reading!

All the reviews on this box were high, and people are pleased with the packaging and the contents are of high quality. This would also be a great consideration for homeschoolers, something to look forward to each month.

Shipping: within 5 business days after the initial orde

Cost: $31.99/month

Great for: Kids of many ages


With the Kid Curated Box, you get to "curate" books your child will like based on questions anwered as you subscribe. They'll ask your child's age and reading level, plus what kinds of books your childs likes and dislikes. This way, your child is sure to get a sampling of what he or she really wants in the box subscription!

A bonus for this box - If you enter your child's school name when you order, Kid Curated boxes will donate a book for every 10 that you get to that school. That's pretty cool!

Shipping: First delivery is typically within 2-7 business days of order. Subsequent packages for existing subscribers ship around the 15th of every month.

Cost: $17.99/month

Great for: Ages 0-6


Elephant books is a fun gift subscription box idea, especially for the little ones. The packaging is beautiful with a big orange bow, and the quality of the books inside are very good.

The age ranges on here state from 0 to 6. This would be an excellent gift from babies/ toddlers, to very young children. The ratings are high for this box - filled with beautiful picture books, any child would love to receive this. If you are headed to a baby shower, or to a baby's first birthday party, the parents would love you for gifting this!

Shipping: Delivers every two months.

Cost: $39.95/month

Great for: Kids 3-8


These boxes are kind of amazing! If you have a little world traveler, or want to expose your child to other cultures and places, this will be a great subscription choice.

They have packed a lot into each box for learning a different country, including crafts, recipes, games, a toy (souvenir), and of course a book to keep. You can't go wrong with this box, because your gift recipient is going to find something new and fun in each box they receive!

Shipping: by the 4th of every other month (April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec, Feb).

Cost: $20.00/month

Great for: Girls ages 7+


First of all, the name is super-cute. "Smore box". As a former Girl Scout leader, I know for sure that you can't go wrong with "S'mores!"

This box is focused on STEM for girls, which is cool - But it's also a STEM "literary" box. So, there are reading materials and items that encourage reading within the box. (Books, of course, but also bookmarks, magazines, etc.)

Beyond just the books that center around STEM ideas, your gift recipient will get other items, too (like stickers, posters, other STEM items).

Did you know there are all kinds of fun box subscriptions? Check out this page for more ideas as you shop for gift-giving ideas!

Shipping: between the 10th and 20th of each month

Cost: $18.00/month

Great for: All kids 0-13


Your Reading Bug Box has arrived! I like this box, and would definitely be tempted to choose it as a gift this Christmas. Not only is the packaging SO pretty and cute, but the books inside are going to be a great quality.

Also, the Reading Bug Box is tailored to "grow with your child", so that the right age and appropriateness for your child as they grow will be perfect at each stage.

The folks who curate and ship this box also have a good reputation for excellent customer service. Check it out in the details - there are several plans to choose from for this one!

Shipping: on the 29th of each month

Cost: $31.66/month

Great for: Young Adult


I am seriously chewing on purchasing this subscription box for my teenage daughter. She would love it! It come not only with a "fantasy" genre young adult book, but lots of other goodies (like teas, custom bookmarks, bath bombs, etc.)

I would have LOVED this book box as a young adult. And while I'm at it, I'm a 47-year-old woman, and I would love to receive this at my age. It's a total comfort box. So, if you have several people to buy for, you might consider this subscription. 


Shipping: Order the 1st-4th of month: The weekend following your purchase - Order the 5th - 15th of month: In our monthly batch the business day following the 15th - Order the 16th-31st of month: The weekend following your purchase All subsequent boxes will ship with our monthly batch the business day following the 15th.

Cost: $16.95/month

Great for: Kids 0-10


Bookroo is one of the more well-known kid's book box subscriptions. It's a great way to build up a library at home, with a great collection of books. This is a good choice if you are purchasing for a friend or family member.

Inside of the box, each book is gift-wrapped by itself (because kids and adults always love to rip open the paper!). There is great attention to detail in the packaging, and the books chosen are high quality. They'll be illustration-rich, with the proper level and word density in each book (hard cover) for the age of the child receiving the box.

More details here..

Shipping: between the 1st and 4th of each month

Cost: $31.66/month

Great for: Cultivated for all ages


You can see from the pic above that the books come in a sweet little box, once a month. I like this subscription box because of the choice selection. You can tailor what you need to your budget.

There are three different selections you can make when you purchase. The "Book of the Month" ships a single book per month, the "Imagination Box" sends 3 new books, plus more little items, like a craft or toy. And there is also a young adult "artist" box, to encourage your middle-schooler or teen in reading plus creativity. (There is also an art medium sent with these).

Shipping: on the 14th of each month

Cost: $28.99/month

Great for: 3 age group choices - "Littlest Listeners, Early Readers, and Middle Grade Readers"


This book box for kids each has a "theme" for the month, and the books included in the box and all the little fun gifts and crafts are centered around the theme.

The fun thing about this cute little box is the variety of things your child will get to open with each month's treasures. Lots of little surprises for each of the book boxes are great for kids who might get bored with "just" a book, and pull together a fun little learning opportunity for your little one. There is even a little parent note in each box to encourage the parents as they read alongside thier kids. 

Shipping: by the 10th of each month

Cost: $20.67/month

Great for: Kids of all ages (choose age level for subscription)


I love this subscription choice, because it always features a child of color in two of the books that are sent each month.  So as a parent, you are teaching your child the value of children of all cultures and backgrounds.

Families come in all shapes, sizes, and from all parts of the world. This beautiful box will arrive at your doorstep celebrating that every month, and I think your child will love it.

The ratings for this box have all been positive, and people really like the book choices inside that celebrate art and great literature.

Shipping: monthly at your renewal date

Cost: $18.33/month

Great for: Pre-K to 2nd Grade


The "Just Right Reader" box is perfect for young ones, kids who are just in those beginning stages of reading.

If you are looking to help a struggling reader, you can send this box and know that it will be helpful, because the books inside will be tailored to fit the recipient at just the right level of reading. 

The box comes with multiple books, instead of just one or two, PLUS goodies, like reading rewards, toys, and incentives. This can be great for readers who just need a little encouragement and something to look forward to in the mail each month.

Quick tip! Sometimes you can find great deals and coupons for book box subscriptions. You can look at this coupon page to check them out!

Shipping: Boxes ship within 3 business days of each renewal.

Cost: $16.66/month

Great for: Customized for age


Gre These boxes are fun - great price ($16.67) gets you 2-4 books with a good assortment of hardbacks, paperbacks, activity books, etc., depending on the age group that you choose when you select your subscription preferences.

You can customize by gender (if you choose), or by age. So the selection of books you are going to get will be perfect for your child. Your child will look forward every month to the mail delivering thier own special box!

Shipping: on the 25th of each month

Cost: $16.66/month

Great for: All ages, select preference upon order


This cute box was/is developed by a teacher! So you can be sure it will be a quality-filled box with lots of goodies. Crafts, toy, info for parents, plus the books are included for each month.
These are an educational experience with lots of fun in each package. There are six different options for you to choose based upon the age and reading level of the gift recipient, plus the number of kiddos you want to receive the box.

Shipping: on or around the 18th of each month

Cost: $29.99/month

Great for: Kids ages 0-8


This sweet box is designed to find books for you that are whimsical, and off-the-beaten path. They offer different box subscription packages for kids 0-8, with board books, picture books, and bonus little activities.

They offer to send you a new book if you are sent a book that you already own. All you have to do is take a picture of you donating the book, and they'll send another.

Shipping: shipped monthly the week of renewal

Cost: $14.00/month

Great for: Kids of all ages


I think this box is a terrific value for the price. If you walk into a box store, or even grab one online, you could only get one book - but in this box for about the same, you'll get two hardcover books, PLUS a coloring or activity book (depending on age group). So, it's a great value!

These books are perfect for kids of all ages to get excited about reading, and look forward to getting books in the mail, which can ignite a love for reading and books like you've never seen in your child before. It's a great gift idea!

Shipping: shipped the 4th of each month

Cost: $12.08/month

Great for: Kids of all ages


Dog-Eared Books. What a cute wonderful name! For those of us who are bookworms, we have plenty of well-loved books at home that we have read over and over. 

The wonder of these books is that they are pre-loved (gently used), but still high-quality and have wonderful stories to tell. The Dog-Eared Book owners will send your recipient book boxes with 5 books based upon your age preference (from children all the way to adult, yay!).

I love that for or each subscription purchased, this group will donate a book to a child within their community. And while you are helping a child, you are also helping preserve books. All this for only around $12 each. Wow!

The hard part is picking your favorite box subscription. But after that, all you have to do is sit tight and wait for your box to arrive.

Here's your BONUS! Therabox  (Prepare to be pampered!)


Cost: $30.99/month

Great for: Anyone who needs a bit of pampering!


I wanted to include a box I found that can be just for YOU after you pick a book box subscription for one you love.

This one is filled with items that will help you feel so pampered, with aromatherapy, bath items, skincare and body products, and all kinds of things that can help you reduce stress. 

You have been working hard so you deserve it! Remember, it's not just one month - you'll get this box once a month, so you can look forward to relaxing every few weeks. Sounds heavenly!

More details here..

best childrens book subscriptions

Are you considering a kid's book subscription box for a young reader you know? It's a GREAT idea for young learners for so many reasons!

Let's face it - getting snail mail is a BIG deal these days, in a digital world. Kids love to get something in the mail! These box subscriptions promote reading, and encourage kids to love books.

What's not to love? Good luck in picking one of these great boxes, and let me know in the comments which one you pick, and how it works out for you.

Happy reading!


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