16 Free Printable Valentine’s Bookmarks PERFECT for Beginning Readers!

16 Free Printable Valentines Bookmarks PERFECT for Beginning Readers!

Printable Valentines bookmarks that you can use for gifts or creative activities! Free for all parents, teachers, kids & readers of all shapes and sizes. These sweet bookmarks are JUST what you need to print out to encourage kids to READ!

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In a hurry? Go ahead and grab the bookmarks:

Free Printable Valentines Bookmarks - great for readers of any age!

Valentines bookmarks 

Such a simple gift, but a bookmark is a great idea for many reasons. (Or, using a template as a children's bookmark to make on their own!)

These bookmarks designed with quotes for Valentine's Day:

  1. Can be personalized for the receiver,
  2. Aren't insanely expensive (if you have a lot of Valentine's to buy (hint: teachers! ..or librarians!),
  3. Can be easily printed at home,
  4. Fit any season or occasion,
  5. Are the perfect size for a Valentine's Box,
  6. Can double as a creative gift tag for gifts,
  7. Encourage reading!

Teacher's Tip: Make printable Valentine's bookmarks something special! Something to aim for as an incentive or a treat at the end of a long week. Have each child color their own bookmark, or have a contest with different winning categories for different kinds of bookmarks!

You may want to even laminate your bookmarks for extra durability.

Valentine's corner bookmarks (or Heart Corner Bookmarks )

These are a cute idea, too! Check out the corner bookmark idea like the little fox on this page, and come up with something creative for the holidays and make your own Valentine's Day corner bookmarks!

Free printable Valentine's bookmark gift ideas! (Or to use as Valentine's Day bookmark crafts to make with your kids at home!)

These bookmark designs, handmade, are in .pdf format so that you can print as you like or download for easy access. Just CLICK HERE and I'll zip it over to you!

Printable Valentines Day Bookmarks

Grab these Valentine's Bookmarks also in different colors:

Just in case you are tired of the typical Valentine's Day colors of red, white and pink, maybe give these a try! I put them in all different colors for you to print out. They are the same bookmarks as above, but just in all different colors to match all the different personalities of the kids in your classroom, school, or party! 

Printable Valentine's bookmarks are an easy way to send home a little reminder to families to read that evening or over the weekend. Use these bookmark templates in your classroom or at home as you work on bookmark crafts together!

Printable Snowman corner bookmark - too cute!

Love these! And she has a few other printable snowman type activities, so take a look around 🙂

Free printable books for beginning readers for Valentine's Day (or printable easy reader books you can use to teach your kids!):

While you are here, check out these super-cute free printable books for beginning readers! A great way to combine double consonant blends with making Valentine's cards at home or in your classroom. Check these mini printable "easy reader books" out below or go to "Free Valentine's Day Cards":

Bookmark Valentines - Themed

Grab any heart craft, and turn it into a beloved bookmark for a special book. Get creative with the hearts and make them into a length perfect for bookmarking.

Here's a cute video of how to make some sweet love bug corner bookmarks that I found on YouTube for you. Enjoy!

How to make an origami bookmark

These are not my own creation, but I would love to point you in the direction of learning how to create your own origami bookmarks. 

Check out these videos, and you can apply them to the Valentine's Day Bookmarks you are creating for this holiday.

Owl Valentine Bookmark

These are so cute! Grab this idea to make with at home or in the classroom for Valentine's Day. Anyone I know would love to receive these either as or in a Valentine's Day card.

Let me know if there are any other Valentines Bookmarks ideas you have in the comments below!


P.S. Don't forget to grab those fun printable bookmarks designed with quotes for Valentine's Day! 🙂   CLICK HERE to grab them!

Remember, they can be a great gift, stocking stuffer or gift tag, or, they could simply be terrific Valentine's bookmarks to make with your kids at home.

Also, if you have any other free Valentine's printables that work great for you, please share them in the comments! 

Red Ted Art Valentines Day

Okay, ONE MORE tip if you are looking for craft templates for free printable bookmarks: Check out the well-known crafting website at Red Ted Art for more ideas & lots of Red Ted printables!

Never heard of the Red Ted Art blog? That's okay! Go check them out now 🙂 Lots of great crafting ideas, plus of course Red Ted printables for bookmarks that you can work on at home.

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