Free Printable Christmas Bookmarks for Teachers, Parents & Kids

Free Printable Christmas Bookmarks for Teachers, Parents & Kids.. (Give as gifts or let them be children's bookmarks to make on their own!)

Free printable Christmas bookmarks that you can use for the holidays! Free for all parents, teachers, kids & readers of all shapes and sizes.

If you know and love a young reader or class of readers, consider these cute free printable Christmas bookmarks. No prep - just print out, cut out, and presto-done.

Also, you may want to consider using these as gift tags for Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, or just a fun way to get your kid(s) reading over the holidays!


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Before I show you the bookmarks, Let me also show you these super-cute Christmas sight word activities - you can click on either the printable games/activities - or you can take a look at the spinners. Both great for beginning readers :

And now on to the printable Christmas bookmarks (great for all the holidays)! 

Such a simple gift, but a bookmark is a great idea for many reasons. (Or, using a template as a children's bookmark to make on their own!)


  1. Can be personalized for the receiver,
  2. Aren't insanely expensive (if you have a lot of folks to buy for (hint: teachers!),
  3. Can be easily printed at home,
  4. Fit any season or occasion,
  5. Are the perfect size for a stocking stuffer,
  6. Can double as a creative gift tag for gifts,
  7. Encourage reading!

Teacher's Tip: Make printable Christmas bookmarks something special! Something to aim for as an incentive or a treat at the end of a long week. Have each child color their own bookmark, or have a contest with different winning categories for different kinds of bookmarks!

Tip: Have you ever seen cute little Christmas corner bookmarks?

These are a cute idea, too! Check out the "corner" bookmark idea like the ones on THIS Amazon page, and come up with something creative for the holidays and make your own Christmas corner bookmarks!

Christmas Printable Bookmark Template to color in Black and White:

These are great if you want to just print out the amount you need to make things easy, or you can also print out a set of black and white if you want to have your kids color them.

Printable Christmas bookmarks are an easy way to send home a little reminder to families to read throughout the holidays. Use these bookmark templates in your classroom or at home!

I hope you enjoy these easy free Christmas printable bookmarks for school or home.

(Or to use as Christmas bookmarks to make with your own kids!)

The bookmarks are in .pdf format so that you can print as you like or download for easy access. Just CLICK HERE to enter your e-mail and I'll zip it over to you!

Free printable Christmas bookmarks

One last winter bookmark tip: Take a look at this printable Snowman corner bookmark - too cute!

Love these! And she has a few other printable snowman type activities, so take a look around 🙂

A few other deals for your readers as you shop for the holidays:

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Let me know if there are any other gift ideas you have for our beginning readers in the comments below!


P.S. Don't forget to grab those fun printable Christmas bookmarks I mentioned. 🙂   CLICK HERE to enter your e-mail and they are yours!

Remember, they can be a great gift, stocking stuffer or gift tag, or, they could simply be terrific Christmas bookmarks to make with your kids at home.

Also, if you have any other free Christmas printables that work great for you, please share them in the comments! 

P.S.S. Okay, ONE MORE cute bookmark tip: Check out these Reindeer Origami Bookmarks!

Never heard of a reindeer origami bookmark? Never fear, she even has an instructional video on her site. Awesome! 🙂

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