Teachers Checkout – Step 3 Thank you!


Thank you for promoting your work with mythreereaders.com!  I am honored to share your amazing creations.

Please take the time to follow me on the social accounts indicated below.  I will be promoting my list and your blog/book on several different accounts per social platform, but these three are my newest profiles that I would like to begin building, starting with you!

Please note - My goal is to have your book link up in 1-3 day's time or sooner unless I happen to be on vacation laying in the sun on a beach somewhere (This happens infrequently, since I live in landlocked Oklahoma, ha!)
I'll let you know via e-mail if your site or publication will NOT be approved for my site (for reasons of content - if your submission does not fit the "niche" of mythreereaders.com, and of course, nothing profane, hateful, or lacking integrity in any way please!)