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So - maybe you are trying to decide which platform to use to schedule and maximize your Pinterest marketing efforts.  You've read a gazillion articles on each one and you're starting to see that..  this may be more complicated than you originally thought.  You head over and sign up for a free account to each one and after trying to spend some time with each tool - your head is SPINNING!!  I'm sorry, but these schedulers (as awesome as they are) are not easy to wrap your brain around, amiright?  Maybe I'm just slow, but it took me about two weeks of really digging into these programs to actually begin to fathom all the mechanisms of each and how best to use them FOR ME.  You'll notice when you read articles of how bloggers use these that each person uses the tools differently.  I imagine that as time goes on, I'll be tweaking my own use of them as I have more analytics come in.

I tried to put all the knowledge I gleaned toward what would benefit me (in essence, a penniless blogger with zero followers on Pinterest).  (Yes, by the way, you read that right - I started with ZERO.)  Most of the stories you'll read of the Pinterest Queens of the Universe begin their story when they (only had 300 followers).  HA!!  Gotcha beat.  I started with zero when implementing these schedule strategies.  So if you have more than zero followers, you are currently ahead of where I began.  🙂 Here are some great things about having zero followers though, btw.. The strategies you implement below will cost you at for about $5.

Back to my story and the amazing secret formula if you will, of how I use both Boardbooster and Tailwind together to create a magical set-and-forget Pinterest-pinning machine.

Let's start with the basics first.  I'm going to assume you are at ground zero on Pinterest.  For you old-timers, may wanna skip ahead.

  1. You have created a website, correct?  You'll need one set up to have a landing page for people to go to when they click on your pin.
  2. And - you'll need a product that you are trying to sell.  Whether it's your own product or if you're selling as an affiliate for a merchant or business.
  3. Have you written an AMAZING blog post to that website with awesome and great information?  With links and banners for folks to buy that product?
  4. Finally - have you created a Pinterest account with a handful of nice boards with other people's relevant and high-quality pins on each?
  5. Oops - not finally yet!  Let's not forget the BEAUTIFUL and PIMPED OUT pin that you created that takes your audience back to the blog post I mentioned in Step 3..

No?  Okay, well before continuing you'll likely need to do these things.  If you are a busy stay-at-home Mom of many kids (like me), I'll see you back in a few months.  Go ahead and PIN THIS so that you can come back!

And now for those ready to dive in and SCHEDULE SOME PINS, here we go!!!

A few housekeeping items. 

  1. Go and sign up for the two tools we are about to discuss:  BOARDBOOSTER and TAILWIND.  I'd love it if you actually use those links because, although it costs you nothing, I do get a little pocket change from it 🙂
  2. You'll need to become a member of some Group Boards to follow these steps, and this can take a while (board owners don't always get back so quickly and you have to be invited.)  
  3. Once you are a member of some boards, enter your e-mail below for a .pdf of the infographic I used to illustrate this process.  It'll give you an idea of where I'm going with this:

I'm using the best parts (for my preference and needs) of each tool with the least amount of money spent (Hooray for Free Trials!).

Let's Set You Up On Boardbooster:


  1. You'll need to sign up.  This is where the $5 comes in (their starting monthly fee).  But don't worry!  If that was your dinner money for tonight at Chick-Fil-A, just skip the meal.  You'll make it back quickly with Boardbooster. 🙂  Feel free to start with the Free Trial though.  Right now, it's 500 pins in 10 days.  That'll buy you some time while you decide if this is all worth it.

After logging in and connecting Boardbooster with your Pinterest account, head over to the Pinning Tools and click on "Campaigns".

You'll create  a Random Campaign.  Pinterest algorithms like it when you are an active pinner.  This Campaign will be used to trickle out all the pins from other people that you like and save to each of the group boards you are a member of.  After clicking on "New Campaign" and then "Random Campaign", this screen will appear:

Title your campaign.  For instance, if you are a food blogger, you might want to do a campaign for "Desserts".  Another campaign later might be for just "Appetizers", etc.

On source of pins, choose List of Boards.  In the Source Boards area, add any of your personal boards (not group boards) that are specific to desserts.

Now go to the Target Boards area and add your dessert-only GROUP boards that you are a member of that would appreciate all your lovely pins.

For each GROUP board that you choose, take note of the Group's rules.  When deciding on pin frequency, note how big the board is, how quickly pins pass through the board, etc.  Your goal is to engage in the board but NOT SPAM it.  For this campaign, you are pinning other people's pins.  You still want to be active, yet not pushy, so keep that in mind.  Also remember the 80/20 rule (theirs/yours) or at least be mindful of that, as well as your overall daily/monthly pin count if you are on a budget.

Keep the pre-set pin times, make sure your status is at "Working", and save.

REPEAT FOR EACH CATEGORY.  You'll have a new campaign for the types of group boards you join..

Now, every time you find a super-terrific pin for your dessert board, when you add it, it will randomly be pinned with all your other dessert pins to the applicable group boards!  Yay 🙂  You just need to make sure your category boards are filled with useful and beautiful pins (that actually go where they are supposed to).

Each time you get into a new group board, go back to edit the random campaign where it would fit, and add the new group as a new Target Board.

Part Two of Your Boardbooster Set-Up..

Alrighty, now we are getting into the good stuff!  This is how you'll be scheduling YOUR PINS - the fabulous artwork you have created that leads to your blog post or website.

Go to the same area as before - Pinning Tools.  Click on "Scheduler".  Start a new campaign for each GROUP board that you are a collaborator for as the Target Board.  As you choose your schedule settings, remember - for each individual board, take note of how it moves, what the rules are, etc.   The scheduler will create a Secret Board that you will place your pins in to be scheduled.  (Hint - instead of always having to pin to a "Secret Board" when you make new pins, you can just change the source board to your "Best of .." board.  That way several Scheduled boards can just get pins from your one board so you can delete all those tedious secret boards.  HOWEVER, not all of your "best of" pins might fit for that Group Board, so in that case you may want to specify which pins go to that group's Secret Board in that case. )

Another thing to know is that you will have to have scheduled at least 5 different pins, because BoardBooster will only post the same pin to a board every 5 days to prevent spamming, which can be difficult if you started yesterday and only have one!  The remedy is to manually pin until you get those pins and content built up.  But as you do, your pin schedule will fill up!

ALWAYS:  Go look at the board once a day or so after scheduling to make sure your pins are being presented as often as you want and to confirm you are not contributing in a spammy way, but in a helpful way.

Save the schedule and repeat for each.  Your pins are scheduled!  Now go take a nap.


  1. The pins you pin from the internet-universe are going to randomly be sent to all your group boards all day, randomly.  This makes you an active Pinterest user.  You are pinning awesome content daily, all hours of the day to all the followers of those boards, plus to your own followers.  Also, your fellow pinners will appreciate you pinning their pins and come follow you!
  2. Your OWN content has the opportunity to go viral as it gets saved to your group boards on a regular basis.  Go you!

But there is more..


(This post and advertisements on the page contain Affiliate Links. That means I make a bit of money if you click and purchase anything, I will make a bit of money but at NO cost to you!)

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  1. Hi,

    Great tips and thans for sharing how you use Board Booster and Tailwind together. This is pretty much what I do and it works flawlessly. It’s nice to know that your pins are still getting pinned on a regular basis without having to log into Pinterest on a daily basis.

    I do a little bit of manual pinning and don’t just rely on automation 100%.

    But I do think that it is impossible to do 100% manual pinning if you’re trying to grow a blog.

    I’ve pinned your post to help others learn how to use these tools to help them grow their blog. Thanks for putting this together for us.

    Have a great day 🙂


    1. Thank you Susan! I’m glad to know it works for you. It kind of is a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that Pinterest is “working for you” while you do other things! I also do a little manual pinning.
      Thanks again for the pin and comment 🙂

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