Back to School Printable Bookmarks

Back to School Printable Bookmarks - Great idea for your child or classroom students to kick off a new school year

Perfect for the beginning of a new year, grab these back to school printable bookmarks to cut out and give to a young reader!

Do you need incentive for young or beginning readers? These are an easy go-to for a quick back-to-school printable to print out and cut out (even at the last minute) 🙂

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In a hurry? Go ahead and grab the bookmarks on PayPal (they are only $1.50 - woot!):

Back to school printable bookmarks - print as you like for your own personal use (and your students)! (Link takes you to PayPal - Receipt page has the .pdf link!

Check out these cute bookmarks! Chalkboards, pencils, backpacks, and an apple for the teacher.

I can smell the newly sharpened pencils, feel the crisp fall air, and taste pumpkin spice latte already, can't you? It's on the way!! Fall!! And with it comes school days, rule days, we're going back to school days!

A bookmark is a great idea for SO many reasons. 

All four of these are designed with a cute back-to-school theme. Bookmarks:

  1. Can be personalized for the receiver,
  2. Aren't insanely expensive (hint: teachers! ..or librarians!),
  3. Can be easily printed at home,
  4. Fit so many occasions,
  5. Can double as a creative gift tag for gifts or a label for desks & lockers,
  6. Encourage reading!

Mom's Tip: Print out these bookmarks and have them ready to bring on the first day of school! Laminate them and use them over and over.


I hope you enjoy these easy back to school bookmarks! 

These bookmark designs, handmade, are in .pdf format so that you can print as you like or download for easy access. Just CLICK HERE to enter your e-mail and I'll zip it over to you!


P.S. Don't forget to grab your new bookmarks

They can be a great gift, something to pass out, or bookmarks to make with your kids at home.  Happy Back to School days!











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