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By Amy Brotherman
Updated May 2020

Adventure Academy Game Reviews & Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing - PLUS sign up and get FREE ABC printables from me, too!

If you are considering Adventure Academy for your child, I've done extensive research for you so that you can decide if it's for you! Check out my Adventure Academy game review below and feel free to leave a comment if you have any further info for us.

ABCmouse is one of the most popular learning programs that most parents know about. ABCmouse is well-known by parents all over and many, many kids have really benefitted from it. BUT not many have heard about Adventure Academy, which is sort of the "next level up" in ages and advanced reading for kids.

Below, I've put together as much info as I can for you about my opinion on the Adventure Academy online game, as well as to summarize the general feeling of what moms, parents, and teachers have to say.

Oh - and I've got a link to not only free 26 alphabet printable pages for you, but lots of free reading goodies - just scroll a little further down to the bottom of the page.

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You are welcome to jump ahead and download the app so you can get a look at what I'm talking about. Use this link >> Adventure Academy 1 Month Free << (To get the first month free!)

Get 30 Days Free of Adventure Academy!

Your child is invited to join the ranks of young scholars at Adventure Academy, a fully immersive virtual universe for those seeking knowledge and adventure.

There are hundreds of games available in the app including an extensive curriculum to gain essential skills in reading, writing, and language development (main idea & key details, comprehension, writing, spelling etc.), math skills activities in mathematical operations, fractions, word problems, multiplication, geometry, fractions/decimals & word problems, plus scientific exploration into things like forces and motion, environments and ecosystems, atoms and molecules.

There is a TON for our kids to learn here!

Get more info:

Age of Learning Inc.

Age of Learning Inc is a privately owned education technology company. The company was founded in 2007 by Doug Dohring and is headquartered in Glendale, CA. Age of Learning launched in 2010 after three years of development, guided by a team of educators, and following testing by 10,000 families. They have of course developed more educational games (see below).

Just as an FYI before I get into my review below, these are the three programs I see from this company that look great in case you are curious to try them out. The first is of course the well-known ABCmouse (see my review), then you have Adventure Academy, and also you can check out ReadingIQ.

in the picture: A look inside ABCmouse and 30 Free Days.

Get more info:

Get 30 Days Free of Adventure Academy!

Shown: Adventure Academy from the makers of ABCmouse. Great for kids who have outgrown ABCmouse and need a move up & tons of FUN!

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in the picture: A look insde the Level One portion of the complete kit.

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Adventure Academy Game Reviews

Adventure Academy
5 - Stars
"Adventure Academy" by
Amy B, written on
September 12, 2019
Adventure Academy is a fun online educational game for kids with hundreds of learning online games, lots of dynamic visuals & fun interactive ways to reinforce learning for kids. It's great for ages 8 and up, to follow up from ABCmouse in reading and in other subjects.

Gray Line

Adventure Academy Reviews Summaries:

Adventure Academy Reviews - I probably dig a little more than your average Joe when it comes to making purchases. I generally make my way to Amazon to check out those reviews, but the app is still so new and not available yet on Amazon. I'll also check out the Common Sense reviews, plus I go and ask all the parents and moms in the Facebook boards I frequent.

Here are my findings:

      -Adventure Academy Reviews from Common Sense Media

I check with Common Sense Media pretty frequently when my kids ask if they can watch a show or movie, or download an app or game. The reviews are pretty candid.

You can get reviews both from the kids, and then from the parents. It's funny to see the difference of opinion sometimes!

The Common Sense Media reviews for Adventure Academy were about half positive and half negative. The positives are in the FUN that the app is, and the amount of games available, and just the visuals of the game.

The negative mentioned was in the lack of depth to teaching skills in the app. That this app does not actually teach the topics, only reviews them. And there is a possibility that your child will skip or gloss over the learning activities and just try to get "stuff" to put in their shop/house.

I'm kinda okay with these - These complaints are about things that actually okay with me. I'm okay with my kids having fun. Not every minute has to be learning. And actually, I LIKE something FUN that my kids can review topics we've already been over - so that they can keep going over it without even knowing they are doing so. WIN in my book!

     -Adventure Academy Reviews from Facebook Mom group boards

I'm in quite a few Mom groups on Facebook. Asking about learning apps, curriculums, etc. always come up and I pay attention.

There are not as many comments as there are for ABCmouse because Adventure Academy is so new. But I SCOURED Facebook for comments. From what I found, like 99% were glowing and happy responses. The 1% negative were frustrated with customer services. But it's worth noting that the people at Adventure Academy reached out (right there on Facebook), and the person was not responsive (or they were, but in a negative way).

Adventure Academy Trailer

Here is the trailer for Adventure Academy that I found online. Even though it was a "teaser" before it was released, I think it gives you a good idea of how it feels and looks when you are in the game.

Adventure Academy Cost

Adventure Academy is a subscription-based cost, at $9.99 per month. This fee does not require any kind of contract, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Another option they give you is to purchase for a whole year up front, which actually saves you quite a bit and comes out to giving you 5 months free. That upfront cost is $59.99. It's a very good deal, if you have the budget to pay for it up front.

If you are giving Adventure Academy to someone as a gift, that would be a great option to save money and get your recipient an entire year. You can click this link to get more info on that annual offer. (It's in the middle of the page labeled "special offer")

CLICK HERE to grab Adventure Academy for the 1 Month Free Trial

How to login to Adventure Academy

You'll need to sign up for the free trial or go ahead and pay - either way you'll be directed through a process where you will create a login name and a password. Be sure to keep this password and username safe somewhere so you won't forget.

Then, if you come back to Adventure Academy after a time, you'll be prompted to enter your username and password (on the login page at . Enter your credentials and presto - you are in! If you have trouble, there is a customer support section at the bottom of their home screen.

Adventure Academy Customer Help

What age is Adventure Academy for?

According to the company selling Adventure Academy, the right ages are from 8 to 13, elementary to middle school ages.

I think you'll have to test this with your own child to see if it's a right fit for you. If it's too difficult, but your child finds it entertaining, it would still be a pretty good purchase because your child can have fun playing while being exposed to new concepts without being frustrated.

Here are a few pics to give you an idea of what is in the game. You'll see that there are lots of different places in the "academy" for your student to wander - the library, go on an adventure, head shopping, or (of course!) go to class, plus lots more..

Reading Library

In the game, you'll have a "portal" to go to where you can make choices about your student's current level, plus choices he can make about his character.

Subjects and Screens

Below I'll post for you below a couple of the game choices you'll be able to make, but these are just a couple. You could literally spending endless hours searching through all the game options in the program.

Cosmic Cadence

Is Adventure Academy free for teachers?

Well, the short answer is no.. Not free for teachers yet. But they do have the free program for ABCmouse that you should definitely check out if you are a teacher!

And - I've noticed that the company does post great deals throughout the year, which I'll keep up on this page. So always be looking for deals!

Adventure Academy requirements

In order to play Adventure Academy, the company states that the game is available computers, tablets, or smartphones (iOS or Android). You can purchase through the Apple App Store, or through Google Play.

Adventure Academy Frequently Asked Questions

I've answered these pretty well above, but I'll summarize for you here!

What age is Adventure Academy for?

Ages 8-13, according to the creators of the game. However, you'll have to judge based on the level of your own student.

How much does Adventure Academy cost?

It is a subscription-based cost of $9.99 per month. You can try it out for free the first 30 days, if you wish and cancel beforehand if needed.

Is Adventure Academy free for teachers?

At this time, Adventure Academy is not free for teachers, although that may change and discounts are frequently given and posted here. ABCmouse is, though! You can get more information on my review of

Who made Adventure Academy and what is it?

Adventure Academy is an online learning game for kids to learn reading, science, math, & much more. It is 100% Child Safe, and teacher recommended. Kids can learn anywhere on any device. This fun game was created by Age of Learning, Inc., the same company that created the ABCmouse that so many parents and kids love.

Adventure Academy FREE

So, as I've mentioned before - it's not free actually. But people keep asking, so I'll repeat. HOWEVER, my bottom line consensus on the program is that it is WELL WORTH checking out for the free trial.

There is really no good reason not to, if you are curious and want to give it a go! You can cancel it at any time. If you are worried about forgetting, my advice would be to put an alarm on your phone 3ish weeks from the date you start your trial and make your decision.

I mean, 3 to 4 weeks should really give you the amount of time you need to know whether it is for you and your family or not. I say go for it!

Let me know in the comments below what your own Adventure Academy games reviews are. I'd love to hear from you! Good or bad, I'll post them below. We parents need to keep each other informed.

Good luck and have fun!


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