9 Autumn & Fall Poems for Kids That Encourage Fluency & Comprehension

9 Autumn & Fall Poems for Kids That Encourage Fluency & Comprehension

Did you know that there is a reason that kids want to read the same story over and over (and over) again? They are learning and enjoying it! Repetition of text for beginning readers help teach letter sounds, blend sounds, sentence structure, expression, and more. When you repeat a story to your child daily, those sentences, paragraphs and pages become a part of their whole new reading experience. They learn fluency from you by hearing the sentences flow smoothly and with proper expression. They want to copy you! So, they do copy you. And then, the words come alive for them on the page.

Poems and rhymes are an excellent way to start building fluency in your beginning reader. The brevity of the sentences makes it easier for a child to stay focused, interested, and not feel overwhelmed. Your student can begin to memorize the poem, and the shapes and letters of the words begin to take on meaning.

If you have or know of a beginning reader who is just starting out on their journey of literacy and need to work on fluency, consider these opportunities in autumn to teach poetry using the resources right at your fingertips - fall colors, turkeys and the Thanksgiving holiday!

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The 9 Fall & Autumn Poems for kids below are creative works found on the pages of other amazing blogger mamas. The credit belongs to them! Good luck with your beginning reader as you find new and exciting ways to introduce reading and writing. I hope some of the fun poems below will work for you!

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