75 Places to Find Heartwarming Christmas Stories Online (Holiday reading!)

75 Places to Find Heartwarming Christmas Stories Online (Holiday reading!)

Do you have great intentions to read to your kids over the holiday break, but find that you need new books and stories to keep your kids from getting bored with the same stories you have at home?

You are not alone! In this digital age, kids have a super short attention span. ("No kidding", you say? I know you agree with me on this one!) Even we as adults crave new entertainment, new stories and new books regularly. Our brains have become used to quick service and fast images. Children and older kids are no different.

Teacher's Tip: Pick a time to read, even for just a little bit, each day. Make it a planned activity so that you have a "date" with your child that you both look forward to!

(Not interested in chit-chat? Click HERE to go ahead and get that book list. Happy reading!)

Knowing you need to read to your kids with new material over the holiday is great, but then you run into the age-old problem. Budget. Yep, books cost money!

First stop: library. But, if you are like me, perhaps you have read every book in your local library to your kids. Maybe the shelves are threadbare, or perhaps, more likely, you just don't have two or three hours to get over to the library today.

(Or - it's Christmas, man, and you have no intention of leaving your warm cozy home, much less change out of your fuzzy pajamas.)

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You know the statistics: Kids whose parents or caregivers read to them are more likely to succeed academically and in school. 

Yep, totally agreed. And here are some reasons specifically why you want to take advantage of the winter and fall holiday breaks to read with your children:

  • Reading aloud to kids makes them more fluent readers.
  • Reading aloud to your children creates a bonding experience that you need to foster with your family.
  • Storytime during the holidays encourages great traditions for your family for years to come.
  • Reading stories daily with your kids will teach them to comprehend text and become great storytellers to their own children someday.
  • You WANT the ambiance that storytelling on a cold winter's night can bring. Your children will remember these precious family times. They are so important!
  • Storytelling and reading at home brings happiness.

If you want new books for yourself and for your kids with a budget of zero, you take to Google. And you are overwhelmed at the results! Type in "free books online" and you are returned more than 5 billion results.

Check out the list I put together! Hopefully all the links work, but hey! There are 75+ of them, and I can't actually check them each day to make sure they still work. So pretty please, let me know if any are not functional. 

The list is in .pdf format so that you can print as you like or download for easy access. Just CLICK HERE to enter your e-mail and I'll zip it over to you.  

holiday reading list for kids

The list you are receiving will include general online stories for kids. A lot of them have and highlight Christmas, winter and general holiday books to read, but if you are wanting only Christmas specific stories, try typing into Google these specific phrases to find stories you can read together.

  • Touching Christmas stories
  • True Christmas stories (great for history lessons!)
  • Short Christmas stories with morals
  • Christmas stories for kids
  • Short funny Christmas stories
  • Very short Christmas stories

I mean, the list is endless! You can find stories everywhere. The list I've put together is simply a "cheat sheet".


P.S. Have you not gotten the list yet?  What are you waiting for?  CLICK HERE to enter your e-mail and it's yours.  

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holiday reading list for kids
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