5 Great Things About Having NO Followers on Pinterest..

No Pinterest FollowersFive Great Things About Having NO Pinterest Followers..

Sounds strange, right?  I mean, who wants to have NO followers on their social media platform?  I mean, zip, nada??  Well, hang with me and I'll try to explain


     1.  IT'S NOT A SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM - Anyone catch that on my first sentence?  Pinterest is actually not a social media platform, it is a SEARCH ENGINE!  I mean, are you sad because you have no Google followers?  Of course not!  (Well maybe Google+, but you get what I mean!) Start looking at Pinterest in more of an SEO kind of way.  Sure, you can connect with others when you follow their profile and view their interests, but in large part, if you are using Pinterest as a business or blogger, start viewing it as a search engine and get to optimizing.


2.  You have the ability to see the MARKETING POTENTIAL of your Pins without worrying about if it's only getting movement from your followers.  Now, don't get me wrong, you will probably want to glean followers as your presence grows on Pinterest, but in the beginning, you can focus on your Pin growth from other means (tribes, group boards, Facebook groups, etc.)  What an opportunity to focus!


     3.  You can SPAM all you want!  Want to post 50 chocolate cake recipes into a new board you create?  AWESOME - do it!  You don't have to worry about blasting your followers with your pins over and over at one time because they aren't there yet!  Take this opportunity to organize your boards, fill them up and make them look GREAT.  Create beautiful eye-catching board covers that show off your brand!  If you want to create board covers, you'll have to create a pin for them.  You have time to play around with this because every time you upload a pin as a board cover, you don't necessarily want your followers to pin it (when you were just using it for bling).  🙂


     4.  You'll be able to LOOK BACK one day and feel great about where you came from.  In a year or two from now, you can say - yep, I started with zero followers and look where I am now!  You can tell beginner Pinterest marketers how unimportant the follower count actually was in the beginning, and how all good things come in time.


     5.  Lastly, it's ONE LESS THING TO WORRY ABOUT!  I just gave you some reasons to not worry so much when you are a starting Pinterest user about how many folks are following you.  Keep in mind that your pins can easily go viral even without having any followers and put your time and effort into those efforts instead.  I have more than one Pinterest account, and I know by experience that the follower count just takes time, no getting around it.  Remember, it's a search engine, not a social connecting place.  So worry about followers later (or just let them come to you with merit and time), and focus on great pins and boards for now!

Happy Pinning!

Amy B.

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