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Teaching a child to read can be fun and challenging! My Three Readers provides tools (free printables, reviews, information & much more) for parents and teacher of beginning readers, plus help for struggling readers.

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Popular Posts:

Beginning Readers with ADHD

Does your child have ADHD and struggle with reading? Check out these resources to get some ideas on how to begin to help your student.

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Expert Advice for Parents of Struggling Readers

25 known Reading & Literacy experts give thier best advice for parents and teachers of struggling readers.

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Help with Reading Fluency

One of the main goals for a beginning reader is to increase their fluency. To be a fluent reader, you can read words quickly, smoothly, and with proper expression.

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Spelling for Active Learners

Spelling word activities & practice for your ACTIVE kinesthetic learners.. Find 20 ways for spelling word practice indoors for bad weather. Great ADHD strategies for kids who need to move a lot!

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Struggling Readers

Being the parent of a struggling reader can be very difficult and stressful. I totally get that 100% and know how it feels! Here are some ways to boost your child to become the great reader they have the potential to be!

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Causes of Reading Problems

Check out 7 causes & types of reading difficulties if you are working with a struggling reader. Common reading problems and solutions that will help your child learn to read!

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Reading Reward Charts

Reading Reward Charts for kids - FREE for this month & 12 more for each month of the year! Super cute reading incentive chart for kids to motivate beginning readers.

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