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Creek County Literacy Program LogoMythreereaders.com features the Creek County Literacy Program!

The statistics are shocking.  Did you know the following?  (taken from the CCLP website:)

Seventeen percent of adults in Creek County 18 to 24 years old do not have a high school diploma.
Eleven percent of adults in Creek County 25 years of age and older do not have a high school diploma.
Twelve percent of Oklahoma adults – more than 400,000 – are functionally illiterate.

CCLP is a non-profit organization that trains adults to become volunteer literacy tutors, and then matches those tutors with adult learners. To become a tutor, one must attend CCLP’s free 8-hour Tutor Training workshop. Knowledge of another language is not necessary and no prior teaching experience is required.

Creek County Literacy Program’s primary emphasis is youth and adult literacy. Struggling first and second grade readers tutor one-on-one with senior citizen volunteers weekly through the Caring Grands Reading Program. CCLP educates several thousand adults annually and also distributes thousands of free children’s books every year.

CCLP hosts frequent events to raise money and awareness for their literacy programs, such as the up-coming 20th Annual Spelling Bee. “Funds raised from the Bee furthers our Mission, which is to help every child and adult in Creek County to read through tutoring, technology, and health literacy outreaches,” explained Melissa Struttmann, Executive Director of Creek County Literacy Program. “This fundraiser makes up 8% of our annual operating budget.”

Are you interested in learning more about volunteering with the Creek County Literacy Program or to know more about their mission?  You can get in touch with their organization several ways:

Creek County Literacy Program
15 North Poplar Street
Sapulpa OK 74066
Telephone: (918) 224-9647
Fax: (918) 224-8358
Email: info@creekliteracy.org

Check out their website: http://www.creekliteracy.org/

Or visit them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/creekcountyliteracyprogram

Would you like to donate to this cause?  Donate here or head over to the CCLP website to give.  Thank you for contributing!

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90% of your donation will be given to the Creek County Literacy Program and 10% will be used to continue the funding of this website for increased literacy in the local and worldwide community. 

Please let us know in the notes of your donation if you have a particular literacy center, school or library you would like funded, as well as contact information for that entity. Donation tax receipts are available upon request. Thank you for contributing!